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Myrtle the Turtle

Last week my friend, Reyna, sent out an email asking if anyone could adopt their Eastern Long-necked turtle, as they are relocating to Geneva for two years and an Australian turtle wouldn’t really do well in a Swiss climate. 589 more words

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International environmental policy: anthropocentric or eco-centric policies

Before addressing the major environmental issues and policies a distinction needs to be made between anthropocentric and eco-centric issues and policies. As these perspectives not only changes the focus and value of an issue it determines how the policy is structured. 346 more words

Environmental Issues

Estimate puts planet’s ‘natural capital’ at $125 trillion a year

A recent estimate of the planet’s ‘natural capital’ is US$125 trillion a year.  This figure attempts to capture the value of the ‘ecosystem services’ — essentially all the benefits of a healthy, natural environment — provided by such things as carbon-storing trees, drainage basins that prevent flooding and insect life that helps agriculture flourish. 116 more words

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Age of Innocence, 1954 - Nuclear Testing and the Bikini

With a yield of fifteen Megatons Castle Bravo was the most powerful nuclear device ever detonated by the USA. The scientists were completely surprised by this because it far exceeded the calculated yield of four to six megatons,  which by any standards is a fairly serious miscalculation. 40 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Serene

I read somewhere that Malta was the last place in Europe to be cleared up after the war and I recall that Valletta was a little untidy but this seemed to add to its charm as we walked along Republic Street, stopping more often than I would normally choose to step inside the tourist shops, darting down narrow alleys and investigating hidden corners and emerging by the waterside and walking around the Grand Harbour in the shade of the sandstone coloured fortifications of the Knights.

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EPCOT World Showcase - Norway

At EPCOT the Norway Maelstrom ride is on water with the occasional splashes that leave a few damp patches on your summer clothes but Norway in January in the driving rain and penetrating drizzle is a much more authentic getting wet experience I can tell you! 65 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Serene

The boat arrived in the port of Kamares early in the afternoon and the apartment owner met us in the busy main street and drove us no more than five hundred metres to the hotel and without any fuss showed us to our simple room at the top of the pretty little hotel complex.  39 more words