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War on Coal

There is no doubt that the coal industry has problems. Prices are lower than they were a few years ago. At the same time less coal is being used for generating electricity. 139 more words


Are Ontario wind power subsidies keeping Florida bills low? (Yes)

Ontario: keeping Florida’s fossil-fuel power bills low

Florida: plenty of natural gas-fired power. No wind

Florida Power & Light Company (FPL), the largest subsidiary in… 435 more words

Implications of Fusion Power

The hype accompanying the Lockheed announcement of its fusion power development distorted the potential benefits of fusion power.

There is no question that fusion power has great potential, and could be the primary source of electricity when other power generation methods are no longer available, but it has limitations. 1,176 more words


China's top diplomat to visit Vietnam again amid sea dispute

A Chinese Coast Guard vessel (R) passes near the Chinese oil rig, Haiyang Shi You 981 (L) in the South China Sea, about 210 km (130 miles) from the coast of Vietnam June 13, 2014. 1,260 more words

Who Is The Real Enemy In The War On Coal?

As we listen to the back and forth between the candidates placing blame for the “War on Coal” on one another, it’s hard to know who to believe. 65 more words


Natural Gas

As I said yesterday first natural gas will try and head towards its previous support at 3.513 and after that it should head towards the 4 dollar mark. 86 more words

Natural Gas

10-23-14 The Accidental Cootchie Mama Conundrum

Every time I see the ACM and MTM, I have a camera with me as well as my iPhone. I never take a picture…What is that? 89 more words