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A (very) Brief History of the New York Frack Ban Movement

By Chip Northrup, No Fracking Way

Or, What the Frack Really Happened ?

An Overly Simplistic Explanation of Why New York Did Not Get Fracked… 974 more words


Illinois peeps, check out - California Picks Energy Storage Over Some New Power Plant Bids

Southern California Edison plans to retire some power plants and replace them with storage — including conventional batteries and giant ice packs — as well as other power generators.. 8 more words


Potential of liquefied natural gas use as a railroad fuel

Source: www.eia.gov

>” […]  Continued growth in domestic natural gas production, along with substantially lower natural gas spot prices compared to crude oil, is reshaping the U.S. 362 more words


How To Heat Your Home With Manure And Trash – And Save Thousands

How would you like to produce your own biogas?

Biogas is produced by anaerobic bacteria (the kind that can only survive in the absence of oxygen) that break down organic material into methane and carbon dioxide, or “biogas.” Your stove, your gas heaters, and almost anything that is fueled by natural gas can be fueled by biogas. 1,029 more words


Falling Short: A Reality Check for Global LNG Exports

Belfer Center, Kennedy School, Harvard Univ. / by Leonardo Maugeri

Key Findings

  • Global gas market growth will fall short of expectations in this decade. …
  • 589 more words
Energy And Climate

What the Frack?

“Hey Matt, what is hydraulic fracturing?”

Oh, well I’m glad you asked! Let me dispel the BS the media publishes about the process of extracting Natural Gas from the Earth.   676 more words


Oil Below $55...How Low Can It Go?

As a former trader, I learned the hard way that saying, “It will never go below….or above” is the most dangerous statement you can make.  I’m guessing that there are more than a few traders out the that have uttered these words who are contemplating becoming fishing guides. 441 more words