Majestic Creature in its Natural...WAIT.

What natural creatures do you see every day?  I see squirrels and deer pretty often.  And insects!  Stink bugs are common in my house, and I’m starting to see bees and moths regularly.   117 more words


It's Courting Time in the Marsh!

Just a quick note about life in the marsh. I went over yesterday to see how my pied-billed grebe was doing. I had spotted it a few days earlier. 83 more words


The last wolves?

The last wolves?

Noted conservationist Jane Goodall says:

“State and federal government actions are threatening wolf packs in Denali, Yellowstone and elsewhere”.

Photographs by Thomas D.

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Leopard On The Loose - The issue of sharing the land

I stumbled across an article on BBC News about a leopard running around a town called Meerut in India, and it got me thinking.

The images were what caught my eye – a beautiful wild creature in concrete surroundings. 400 more words

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