Natural Habitat…..

A small animal has made a burrow in the summer time grasses that grow along Saxman’s Creek Meadow.

.A perfectly round doorway with shaded entrance…… creekside apartment for wildlife. 7 more words



E. O.Wilson believes the only way to prevent mass extinctions, especially when we think of very large predators declining and struggling, is to provide enough habitat for them to move around.  682 more words

The Continuist Presents: NATURAL HABITAT Launch Party

The time has come: The Continuist’s latest zine, Natural Habitat, is finally ready for your viewing pleasure! Celebrate with the editorial team at Lou Dawg’s (76 Gerrard St. 134 more words

The Continuist.

Hide and Seek

Photographing animals in their natural habitat is both equally rewarding and frustrating. When you do get that great shot, all that patience paid off. Sometimes though, they won’t sit where you want them too, or even look at you. 52 more words


Bears losing their habitats. - Imbalance

My illustration representing deforestation and destruction of the homes of black bears. First drawing for my university brief ‘Imbalance’ so far, I’m focusing on Imbalance in nature, deforestation, pollution and how humans can cause Imbalance.