"Natural Habitat" Now Online!

Missed our zine launch back in November? No worries! We now have Natural Habitat uploaded as an e-zine for your viewing pleasure. If you’re interested in getting your hands on a physical copy, e-mail us at… 38 more words

The Continuist.

Natural Habitats: Wine Crate Coffee Table

Customer Kim M. was struggling to find just the right coffee table– her couch angles in the center, and so the table needed to be reachable to all, balance proportionally against the couch and in the space, be the right height, and work aesthetically with the room. 142 more words


Two Left Feet

Now comes the fun part of my look at feet.
Whether it’s because we are used to four feet or that four footed species, like us, live on solid ground, somehow our feathered friends feet seem so much more interestingly! 182 more words


Deforestation, environmental measures are too slow.

Trees are the lungs of the planet, storing carbon dioxide and creating oxygen. Trees are used for construction, paper industry and chemicals, but also to create more space for… 129 more words


Natural Habitats: The Cheese Board to End All Cheese Boards

When Renee M. tagged us in this photo on Facebook, us gals here at Practical Art all let out a long, low whistle. That is one sassy cheese board! 171 more words