Hide and Seek

Photographing animals in their natural habitat is both equally rewarding and frustrating. When you do get that great shot, all that patience paid off. Sometimes though, they won’t sit where you want them too, or even look at you. 52 more words


Bears losing their habitats. - Imbalance

My illustration representing deforestation and destruction of the homes of black bears. First drawing for my university brief ‘Imbalance’ so far, I’m focusing on Imbalance in nature, deforestation, pollution and how humans can cause Imbalance.


The Pond

I hiked for an hour and a half through tall red indian grass and willows. It has been a while since I explored our ponds in the cool morning freshness of autumn. 213 more words


How Wolves Change Rivers in Yellowstone National Park

Fascinating and inspiring video about how the reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone national park increased biodiversity and changed the path of rivers.


"Return To Earth"

“Return To Earth”
By Dallas Campbell

Post Created Jennifer Kiley

Post Wednesday 27th August 2014

Visually a Sensational Experience
All senses come alive
Feels as though… 75 more words