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A mean side eye

Sorry its taken so long for me to post…..I’ve been lacking motivation for a few days sadly. But I had an incident today that made me say “my blog needs to know.” … 420 more words

Natural Hair

I Am Not My Hair, But B****! Don't Touch It.

Imagine a stranger walking up to you and commenting on the curviness of your hips. Or a coworker reaching out to touch your full lips. Or the lady behind you in the check out line asking how you got your butt to sit up like that. 613 more words

Unpopular Opinion

Lifting Up Meechy In Prayer

Having very recently learned about the current events surrounding the health of Natural Hair Icon and Inspiration, Meechy Monroe I just wanted to encourage the Curly Christians nation to lift her and her family up in prayer as they continue on this journey. 159 more words

Natural Hair

The Top 10 Things You Never Want To Say To A Woman With Natural Hair

More and more black women are learning just how beautiful natural hair can be. But unfortunately, some people need to learn when to keep their natural hair-related comments to themselves. 53 more words

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Beauty Vlogger Donates Her Hair To 'Locks Of Love' Before Cancer Treatment [VIDEO]

I’ve always admired beauty vlogger, Meechy Monroe. She started blogging in 2010 and has managed to turn what most call a hobby into a lucrative business that has her traveling the world to talk about her natural hair story. 347 more words

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The Cut

So I had been debating on cutting my hair for months and I finally did it. This is my first “big chop”. I didn’t BC the first time I started to go natural and believe me this is so new to me. 72 more words


Protective Styles

When you hear protective styles, some may say what are they? Others may say show me one! Well to those that are wondering, a protective style is a hairstyle that protects your hair from heat either direct or from the sun and over styling. 589 more words