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DIY Brown Sugar Scrub

I am so excited; I am actually attempting a few DIY gifts this year for the Christmas holiday! :) Now, I am being totally honest here. 260 more words

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Protein Packed Peanut Butter Cups

This past week, my precious sister was in town to visit for the Thanksgiving holiday, and boy, do I miss her sweet presence, as well as that of her family, now that she has traveled back home to her place. 573 more words

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What's in Your Air and Fabric Freshener Spray?

The Honest Company recently released a line of Air and Fabric Freshener sprays. The sprays come in the following scents: Lemon-Verbena, Lavender-Vanilla, and Orange-Cypress.

I just received the Lemon-Verbena scent…which is a fresh, uplifting, very tart, lemony scent…a perfect juxtaposition to the cold winter months to come. 67 more words

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4 Weeks to a Less Toxic Home - Week 4 Food, Pets, Outside

These last weeks we have covered cleaners, bath and beauty, and kids. While that will have taken care of a lot of things in the home, there are still some random areas that will be covered today. 621 more words

Homemade Coconut Milk

In my journey of wellness, I have found that there is one particular pantry staple that is essential: good ol’ coconut milk. :) What I have also discovered is that I don’t love the fact that many coconut milks contain stabilizers and thickeners which I believe take away from the nutritional value of the product. 373 more words

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4 Weeks to a Less Toxic Home - Week 3 Kids

This week I want to discuss kids and all the stuff that comes with them. Some things do go along with our chosen parenting style, but that is because we believe in our parenting style. 789 more words

Homemade Elderberry Syrup

Oh elderberry! How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Full of antioxidants and nutrients beneficial for immune, gut, and overall health, this berry can’t be ignored. 316 more words

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