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THE PLAN: Thin-Slicing the Tasks We Want to Teach

What is Thin-Slicing?

When we want to teach our horse something, the first thing we need is a PLAN.  A plan written down has the advantage that we can look back on it.  273 more words

Clicker Training

Introducing Myself

I’m Hertha James and delving deeply into Equine Clicker Training is the purpose of this blog.

From 1995 I studied natural horsemanship and spent 2009-2010 researching various practitioners of this and writing a fully referenced book, … 249 more words

Clicker Training


My husband complains that there are four of us in this marriage, and that he is usually last in line for my attention.

He’s not at all impressed when I put forward the argument that the British cavalry became the envy of the world because they always put their horses’ welfare first. 778 more words

Putting Principles to Purpose

Now that Estella is a grown up and has more energy, we are doing more during our sessions and she is actually getting sweaty. Therefore I have been hosing her down more frequently and for the first time a few weeks ago, put her in cross ties. 310 more words


Cooling down with a trail ride around the ranch

After an intense learning session in the arena, it’s nice for the horses — and for us! — to take a walk around the ranch to cool down, stretch, and relax before the trailer ride home.

Natural Horsemanship

Saddle Time

Well, it worked out! A Parelli friend is allowing me to loan her saddle for a few months until mine comes in. Yahoo!!!

Even if I don’t ride much, I think this is a great opportunity to get Estella used to wearing a saddle. 138 more words



Chaco and I just completed the first week of our Journey to Level Four at the beautiful Parelli Ranch in Pagosa Springs. I will highlight the first two days with this post and then try to catch up as the week goes on. 440 more words