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A Woods Loop Surprise

An unseasonably beautiful fall day called for something special, and of course it had to be pony-related.  I was past the stress of shipping two weanlings off to new owners, and I had a few minutes after a big project and before doing chores.  560 more words

Fell Ponies

The Road Less Travelled

A friend of mine is having a continued challenge with her horse…

When he looses it, its hard to regroup, correction just makes him hotter and riding it out may take HOURS.

425 more words
Training The Horse

Cold Weather and Wear and Tear

I was slacking a little this week for 3 or 4 reasons.  My allergies were insane so I felt crappy.  The weather was cold and rainy for much of the week, and we were getting ready to go away for the weekend.  472 more words


I had a really fun, casual time with Estella last night. I didn’t have any real plans, so we just played around online for a bit. 324 more words


From the Horse's Mouth Blog Hop

For my very first blog hop (lets hope it works!), I wanted to do something I have been thinking about a lot lately: being grateful! It has been super easy for me to get caught up in things that I want and rather than being grateful for the things I have. 390 more words


Not Giving Up

Dangerous? Crazy? Unpredictable? I don’t believe it yet.

I have a bad habit of gravitating towards horses who have been deemed impossible. My new project is a dark Thoroughbred gelding named Nacho. 134 more words


The Fighters

Growing up I have always heard that with horses, you have to be the boss. I think it was especially ingrained in my head because I was so small and working with large Thoroughbreds and warmbloods. 305 more words

Natural Horsemanship