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Dreams of Riding Chief Again

So last night I started dreaming about riding Chief again.  In my dream I saw Astrid saying to me, “Renee we are starting him like a baby again, so we may as well continue like that.”  And  I rode him while Astrid lunged him in circles.  521 more words

Going With Your Gut

I recently saw this on Facebook:

It made me feel better about my work with Estella. I am obviously no colt starting expert, but there are a lot of times I just have to go with my gut. 339 more words


Surviving The Equestrian World

So, here it is. Surviving the Equestrian World in three versions. The kindle is working, as far as I know, and the pictures are in full color; 930 more words


Why 'Practical' Dressage?

Dressage - French, from dresser to train, drill, from Middle French (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

Competitive dressage made its first appearance at the Olympic Games in Stockholm, in 1912. 386 more words

Training The Horse

Just Keep Swimming

“Just keep swimming, just keep swimming,” I found myself repeating over and over during my lesson last Monday. Why, you ask, was I busy singing a Finding Nemo tune in the middle of my lesson? 584 more words

Guest blog: Nadja Mueller

As I’m still away, I’ve decided to dip my toe into the guest blog waters.  I had some great responses to a call I put out on Twitter, and the one which I felt suited the tone and subject matter of my blog best was from… 848 more words

Riding Around...

There's no easy way to say this

I’ve been avoiding writing this post. Prioritizing school work, go figure, as a means to procrastination. I have sad news folks- the kind of news that burns in the back of your throat for days before you can utter a word. 838 more words