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Namibia holiday - part 1

A couple of weeks ago I went to the farm of some of my family in Namibia. It was probably one of my best experiences, not to mention the amazing time I had with the horses! 679 more words

The Art of Natural Horsmanship.

Our formal training is progressing really well.  Since our first session in the round pen with Catherine Hoskin, a trainer in Australian Natural Horsemanship ( 300 more words



As some of you may recall, I totally wished for gravel for my birthday, because I am sick of mud in front of my horse – houses all winter and nothing else stands a chance against the Danish winter and the weight of the horses. 674 more words


Being Happy

As I have mentioned before, one of the great things about Parelli is that they have a progressive system of levels. It helps me stay motivated to improve and gives me something to work towards. 373 more words


On Horses and Boxes

Monty Roberts wrote that the most common remedial problem he had to deal with was horses who refused to load. This is hardly surprising, seeing as getting into a horsebox goes directly against several of the most important rules of being a horse, namely: 1,189 more words


An Experiment in Touching Foals

Have you ever seen two ponies mutually grooming each other?  It doesn’t happen often in my herd, but there are a few ponies who have shown me this practice.  566 more words

Natural Horsemanship

The Tarp With Teeth

We’ve all been there, your horse is walking along quietly, you’re enjoying a little one on one time with them, the sun is out, and all seems at peace when,  1,648 more words