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LOL RIP: Posthumous Tweeting and Natural Language Processing

On cold, dark nights when the internet is down, what keeps me up is the thought of my future children tracing every ill-advised status update and photo uploaded to the internet in my teenage years. 902 more words

Facebook just bought a natural language startup you've likely never heard of..

… but it’s exceedingly cool. I took a quick peek at wit.ai’s website and signed up for their service. It’s a fast way to help developers build a natural language interface to their applications. 34 more words

Constraints of Language

People may disagree on many issues relating to knowledge. What knowledge is, how knowledge is gained, how many types of knowledge there are, and so on, but one aspect necessary and a prerequisite to express  any of them is natural language. 426 more words


Neural Networks for reading

A starting point for Neural networks in c# is the aforge library. This library provides some of the basic items for making a neural network. Here the NN is implemented as a series of layers – Each layer is fully connected to the neurons in the subsequent layer. 615 more words

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