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Cambridge, Trinity College Library MS O.1.58 (1082)

Contains the Secretum Philosophorum, a book in seven parts (following the seven liberal arts) of riddles, tricks, and recipes (see below), a Hermetic text on the fixed Stars, precious stones, Moon, and signs of the Zodiac, and a collection of mostly magical recipes at the end of the volume. 147 more words


Cambridge, Trinity College Library MS O.1.57 (1081)

The family notebook of a lower gentry family from Northamptonshire. Contains a number of technical treatises, texts on chiromancy, prognostications, medical and technical recipes, the virtues of plants and animals, and set of magic tricks titled… 225 more words

Charms, Medical

Woodland Smudge Stick

On a whim I decided to gather some herbs, grasses and evergreens from the garden. There’s something magical about the ceremony of making a smudge stick. 48 more words


Honeybee Song

Listen to the whispers of the honey bees…

Natural Magic

Consecration Ritual for the Honeybee

Mantra of the Bee Goddess

I began my ritual as I listened to the above mantra. I cleared the space, invited ancestors and spirit guides into the scared space and opened up to the Song of the Universe. 372 more words

Natural Magic

Vision Board

What does my vision board say about me.

There are a lot of different paths that I follow to help me get to sacred, but each one leads back to my strong central core of beliefs.  39 more words

Natural Magic

Connecting to a Hive

Bulgarian Song for Bees

As the coins sound 6 times,
and the moon shows her dark face;
connection flies between the hearts
of hive and I, no matter the time or space. 115 more words

Natural Magic