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Clandestine aD Release New Song 'Disorder'

Last week we introduced you to Clandestine aD, a new band with members of Brutality Will PrevailWolf DownForsaken and Natural Order… 17 more words


A Lesson in #EnvironmentalJustice from My Brother the Dinosaur

In the past, you may have heard my claim that nature is fair and just in its dealings. A scientific education about the workings of natural systems, a career in conservation, and years navigating the wilderness on a sailboat led me to this conclusion. 669 more words

Insight Environmentalism

Power relations and the necessity of the conception of "a natural order"

One of the things I noticed about power relations and oppression is that they are always justified on the basis of being “natural”. For instance, if we take the example or the setting of the late 1800s we see that African Americans were perceived to be “inherently” and “naturally” inferior, thus it therefore follows that the white Americans become masters and hold a privileged position. 164 more words