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Digital Business Morphisms

Natural Order by Brian Francis

The 20th book that I read as part of my Canada Reads Top 40 reading challenge was Natural Order by Brian Francis.

First Impressions… 561 more words

Ebb and Flow

The tide moves in and back out again.

It goes in, and back out again.

And this continues.

Even when tide moves out for a while, it always moves in again.   165 more words

Mental Judo


Artwork of Diego Latorre.

Darwinism and doing what is necessary is a prominent ideal to hold up within the left hand path, despite whatever movement you’re involved with. 51 more words


Psychedelic Mind Expansion is the catalyst by which we enable ourselves...to see the new pictures { whole}

As you who have read this web site may know this blog site is about the journey i HAVE TAKEN THROUGH FROM INNOCENCE -TO BLISS – TO IGNORANCE – TO SUFFERING – TO REBIRTH…. 290 more words

Digital Business Morphisms

Character Animation - this Guy has it all!

I was surfing the web when I found this link http://www.artofben.com/Blue from wwww.creativebloq.com.

I love the way his influence from Natural world Organisms can be seen clearly in the shape and colour of his offerings. 164 more words

Digital Business Morphisms