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Going Beyond Greek in the Yogurt Aisle

Competition in the yogurt aisle is fiercer than ever before, and not just among the “Greek yogurt”-driven powerhouses Chobani and Dannon (Oikos). Other brands are seeking to introduce different styles of healthful — and seemingly ethnic — yogurt to capitalize on fast growth in this market. 268 more words


General Mills Buys Annie's for $820 Million, Gets Backlash for Free

On Monday evening, Annie’s Homegrown announced it had been purchased by General Mills for $820 million, reflecting a 37% premium over its closing share price, and a 51% increase over its average share price over the past month. 672 more words


All Natural vs Organic

So you’ve made the decision to start eating healthier, checking labels, and looking at ingredients! Wonderful!

You go grocery shopping and as you start selecting your items, you make sure to choose the labels that say “Natural” or maybe “Organic” … They’ve got to be better for you that a box that doesn’t say “All Natural” …. 354 more words


Plum Organics Upends Baby Food, Corporate Responsibility

When most people think of baby food, they think of Gerber. Indeed, even after decades Gerber remains the #1 baby food (non-formula) brand in the U.S. 293 more words


Omved Care - Tender Loving Hair Care {Product Review}

That was one long hiatus from blogging, one not necessarily desired. The rains are here and with rains come the common maladies like flu, runny noses, coughs, and fevers. 601 more words