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Plum Organics Upends Baby Food, Corporate Responsibility

When most people think of baby food, they think of Gerber. Indeed, even after decades Gerber remains the #1 baby food (non-formula) brand in the U.S. 293 more words


Omved Care - Tender Loving Hair Care {Product Review}

That was one long hiatus from blogging, one not necessarily desired. The rains are here and with rains come the common maladies like flu, runny noses, coughs, and fevers. 601 more words


Sacred vegetables!

Today, my son, Remington and I
made a Sacred heart out of our garden harvest!!! Remington, even at 22 months, is a huge help in maintaining our plants. 37 more words

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Benefits of Natural Organic Dog Food

Natural organic dog food

is beneficial in more ways than one. Apart from providing a balanced and nutritious diet this can also keep various health hazards of your pet at bay. 355 more words

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Natural Organic Beauty - Draw Yourself a Luxurious Bath

With today’s hurried lifestyle, few women in the UK have time to enjoy a warm, relaxing bath. But if you’re feeling stressed, there’s nothing better than a long soak in a warm and soothing bath. 657 more words

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Natural Organic Skin Care From the Expert

People spend thousands of bucks to make themselves look younger. One’s youthfulness is considered as his/her precious wealth. Many chemicals are used to make it happen. 545 more words

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Natural Organic Skin Care - Herbs Not Just For Eating

Hi everyone, Hope your weekend was fabulous! I definitely enjoyed mine. So we’ve been talking about what you’ll need when making your own organic natural skin care products. 613 more words

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