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Your value isn't a $$ sign

Your value cannot be measured in dollars and cents. What you provide to others is immeasurable and incalculable.


Natural Parenting

Where do you find your strength?

To preface this, I have been struggling the past few weeks to feel strong in my decisions, life, and just about everything. I have searching for a way to feel strong again.  6 more words

Natural Parenting

A Day In The Life of a Continuum Parenting, Unschooling Mama and Son

I’ve never written a day in the life before, mainly because our days all look very different. Sometimes they are very busy, full of noise and activity, especially if I’m childminding. 1,250 more words

Life With Children

Coconut Oil as a Sunscreen-- myth or fact?

I love coconut oil. Like most semi-crunchy moms, I always have it on hand and use it for a ton of different things. It’s truly magical stuff. 612 more words

Easter is Coming..Extended family gatherings commence

In our family, Easter not only brings bunnies and Bon- Bons, but begins the high season of holidays blending multiple families together. 


Natural Parenting

Damn Thieves

My friend, who is a stay at home mom, was robbed and her bike was stolen! She used her bike daily to get to and from the park to enjoy the day with her kiddos! 193 more words