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Here are some of my newest natural obsessions!

Ever since LUSH Cosmetics discontinued my deodorant, I have been searching for a new line that doesn’t make my underarms break out in a rash.   249 more words


These? Are essentially essential. {DoTerra Essential Oil Review & Giveaway}

Say “essential” again, Salt.

My familiarity with essential oils began and ended in massage studios and at the place where I used to get my hair done in Burbank, CA. 695 more words


3 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Natural Products

Perhaps some think that using ‘all-natural’ or simply ‘natural’ products are a fad. Maybe some feel like it is not worth it to pay for the generally pricier ‘natural’ products, whether they be make-up, soap, household cleaners or detergents. 571 more words

Ayurvedic Herbs for Stretch Marks

The herbs used in ayurvedic medicine for preventing & treating stretch marks are:

  • Neem: It reduces the stretch marks.
  • Tulasi: Holy Basil prevents scars and stretch marks caused during pregnancy.
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Younique Products are Natural

Did you know that the products from Younique are natural? No parabins, no talc, etc?

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Natural Me; Laundry Detergent

Several years ago I made homemade laundry detergent, and I really liked it.  The clothes came out clean, and fresh smelling.  They didn’t have a strong perfume-y smell, they just smelled…clean.   523 more words


Current Hair Care Favorites

These are a few of the products that I absolutely cannot live without at the moment!

1. Nexxus Pro Mend

Now I don’t really think that this binds your split ends because many stylists have told me that once the hair has been damaged to the point of splitting that all you can do is cut it. 199 more words

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