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All Natural Anti-Aging

This all natural face mask is easy – almost too easy! All you need are strawberries. Why strawberries?  Well, because:

  • This fruit alone contains high levels of Vitamin C which protects our skin oxidative stress caused by free radicals, and fights off acne and breakouts.
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Coconut Oil - The Ultimate Organic Hack

Seriously, peeps – oil pulling is the real deal. I am sure you’ve heard this already, maybe you read the online articles or have seen your friends’ instagram posts about it. 293 more words


What is Reiki?

I set out today to write a post on Reiki.  However, as I started to do a little research I stumbled across The International Center for Reiki’s, Reiki.org… 535 more words

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Access Bars (TM) Explained

What are the Bars?  There are 32 points on the head, on both sides of “bars” of energy that flow through the brain.  Activating these points by lightly touching them  releases the electromagnetic charge that holds all the thoughts, beliefs, decisions, emotions, attitudes and limitation that you have stored. 371 more words

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10 wonderful little ways to use lavender

Lavender is the new black

Not old fashioned. Not for little old ladies.

We use locally sourced lavender for our beautiful Lavender Swirl soap- one of our absolute favourites, and a firm best seller- and it’s perfect for the bath, basin or shower.

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Green Skin Recipe Ideas

5 Natural Ways to Boost Supply

Concern about our milk supply is a common worry and not one that is easily alleviated simply because every baby and every body is different. If you have… 768 more words

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10 Little ways to get better sleep

“A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything”

Sleep. One of life’s essentials, or a luxury? It can depend on your current living situation, of course, but for most of us it is classed as more of a luxury than it should be.

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