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Daily Tarot

A true earth mother, this Queen has a deep affinity for nature and is highly in tune with the natural rhythms of the earth.

Autumn is the perfect time to reconnect with the natural world. 68 more words


Being There

I recently had the pleasure again to watch the Peter Sellers movie Being There. A wonderful movie about a simple-minded gardener who has never left the estate of his guardian until the guardian dies. 251 more words


Our minds are often so crowded with nothing we end up missing out on something


The one piece of wisdom...

My children are now at the age where I can regularly share with them some of my wisdom to help guide them through life. The one piece of wisdom that I shared with them is “regardless of what you do in life aim to leave the world in a better place than when you entered it”. 20 more words


When do I start, and why does it matter?

I’m a morning person.  I’m also a night owl.  There’s a very good chance that you are, too.

Understanding this helps will help you determine when you are at your peak for different types of responsibilities.  274 more words

Organizing Ideas

Pros and Cons to breast-milk and formula

This one I will keep adding to as we go. and I will let you know when it’s been updated there is just a lot of information and I can’t get it all at once. 76 more words