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Natural Selection

If Charles Darwin’s evolution is correct then natural selection should have eliminated gorillas and chimpanzees for being inferior.


Christian Solidarity

This little post isn’t really about religious tolerance per se, but now and then, images are fun.

Yesterday’s post was about the solidarity that is noticeably lacking among some minority groups and women. 886 more words

Christianity & Catholicism & Philosophy

Under selection, an endangered species runs low on evolutionary "fuel"

The pale-headed brushfinch, Atlapetes pallidiceps, is a conservation success story, or at least the first chapter of one. The birds were thought to be extinct, until a… 1,142 more words


A debate on evolution - brought to you by YouTube

An interesting “debate” is unfolding on YouTube under a certain video in the comment sections and I had the privilege to take part in it. Actually, I’ve written some very long comments in response to one of the users there, and I did not want all this to disappear into the nothingness of the YouTube comment sections, so I figured I would just copy-paste those comments – in fact, the whole dialogue – here so that anyone interested can have a look at them. 3,391 more words


Man has 26 Chromosomes 13 from Mom & 13 from Dad. No two individuals are alike. Thus evolution theory & its natural selection is disproved.


Natural selection is furthering mutations that are making skin paler

Skin colour varies according to the latitude and, therefore, according to the intensity of incident ultraviolet light: individuals living at low latitudes have darker skin, whereas those living at high latitudes have pale pigmentation. 687 more words


Does everyone know that Darwin who created his evolution of life forms did not create the Universe because no “material” natural selection