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Evolution (few reasons why this myth gets on my nerves)

Before you get your ego boiling, please read all the article.

One of the key factors for a stable society is morality.

How do we tell right from wrong? 650 more words

Finally, A Scientific Explanation of Why Babies Are So Dumb

BAHFest 2013 – Zach Weinersmith: Weinersmith’s Infantapaulting Hypothesis


Did evolution promote alcoholism?

Drunken Monkeys: Does Alcoholism Have an Evolutionary Basis?

As the child of an alcoholic father, Robert Dudley long wondered what caused the destructive allure of alcohol. 96 more words

Behavioral Economics

BBC - Future - How human culture influences our genetics

BBC has an interesting article on the effects of culture on evolution.

You shouldn’t be able to drink milk. Your ancestors couldn’t. It is only in the last 9,000 years that human adults have gained that ability without becoming ill.

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Boltzmann Genetics

I was re-watching the recent debate between Sean Carroll and William Lane Craig, just the other day, and was struck by how often Boltzmann brains came up. 314 more words


S. Carolina Fossils

State Sen. Mike Fair, a Greenville Republican who serves on the panel that will decide the science standards, said that natural selection should be taught as theory rather than as scientific fact.

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