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Are we dumber than our ancestors?

It’s tempting to think of ourselves as smarter than people in generations past. And why not? We have smart phones (although, I’ll be the first to admit, my phone is smarter than me), smart TVs and smart cars are on the way. 355 more words

Simulated Evolution of Preys & Predators using GAs & NNs

This project was an attempt to simulate how successive generations of preys & predators learn to run and chase respectively.

Language & Technology Used: C# & … 280 more words


Hard wired 21: Emotion and morality

In the previous post I made the claim that emotions drive our behaviour and that morality is in fact much more self-serving than most of us would like to admit. 568 more words

Hard Wired

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I Am The Creator

Lord One Of The Universe

Thank God! Someone finally found me!

You were expecting

a manly King?

Or a gorgeous Queen? 56 more words


Hard-wired 20: Heading into dangerous territory

I haven’t updated the Hard-wired blog series for a long time. That’s partly because I’ve been busy doing other things, partly because I’ve been learning more about the subject of evolutionary psychology and partly because I’m actually a little reluctant to put what I’ve been learning ‘out there’ in an easily accessible blog. 772 more words


Book Review: The Signature of All Things

What a great title for a book. In the spiritual tradition of Eat, Pray, Love, Elizabeth Gilbert continues her literary search for meaning in… 215 more words

Book Reviews

The Devil's Teapot

The idea that humans  exist as the servants of power, and that if they are not controlled by power, chaos will result; is common to many belief systems. 3,811 more words