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Ask the Biological Anthropologist: Issue #2

Last year I introduced a Q&A feature to the blog, inviting any and all questions related to primates/evolution/anthropology.    Today I’m pleased to present Issue #2 of Ask the Biological Anthropologist! 1,303 more words


What's a brain even for?

Dear reader, I must word a short confession before getting into the meat of todays post. It has, I admit, been a matter of months since my last appreciable blog instalment. 630 more words


23 Jan 15: The Stupid Is Strong In This One

DEAR ADAM: I was hoping you could do me a favor. A friend of mine was killed recently. He was running on the train tracks near his house and was tragically killed by the train. 622 more words


Evolution doesn’t just happen, Evolution Creates; 23-Jan-2015

If this article were a thing, I would gleefully rub my hands before picking it up – it is one of the most fascinating articles for me. 240 more words

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What's your belief?

If you are one of those who believe in the “big bang”, Eric Metaxas stated in an article for the Wall Street Journal that “Carl Sagan said all you needed were 2 things for life on other planets, i.e. 412 more words


Exclusive Interview with William Chasterson by Metaphysical Man !!!

MM: Thank You for taking the time to sit down with me for this interview mr. Chasterson.

WC: Call me William. It’s my pleasure. It’s not everyday one gets interviewed by a real superhero. 605 more words