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Art Department unveils single "Cruel Intentions" off Sophomore album

Exciting news everyone! Art Department has released the first single off their upcoming album. Featuring Seth Troxler’s super wonky transcendental style, this track is out of this world. 51 more words


Can We Embrace Climate Change?

The planet will find a new equilibrium, with or without humans or any other species. Change is a constant. But what happened to survival of the fittest? 967 more words


HIV Immunity Due To A Gene Mutation

The main target of HIV is a group of human immune system cells marked with the CD4 glycoprotein. By altering these cells and using them as a host to help manufacture more of the HIV virus, the human immune system and therefore the infected person is vulnerable to infection from other harmful viruses. 252 more words


The Thrifty Gene: Diabetes Was Once a Survival Advantage

Today,¬†I was reviewing a book on childhood obesity for work, and I came across an interesting passage on the “thrifty gene.” It sounded familiar, probably something I learned about back in high school biology, but for some reason, the idea was new for me. 289 more words


Ebola Mutations & Creationists

In the hysteria over ebola I keep hearing the word “mutation”. I’ve theorized that the media uses this word to scare viewers (and for that, they should be ashamed). 236 more words


Unnatural Selection

As a veterinarian, atheist and scientist I have championed the cause of natural selection all my life. It is a magnificent device that has driven evolution for eons, constantly upgrading and improving species to better allow them to adapt to their environments. 343 more words

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