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Basics of evolution

 It has come to my attention recently that I might have readers who are unfamiliar with evolution, so I’ve decided to start a series of posts on the topic. 406 more words


Teaching Evolution = changes in the diversity of forms (of something) over time

Notes from presentation, 10/11/2006.

Studying biological evolution requires us to note six features:

– There is a diversity of forms and patterns in that diversity… 299 more words


Darwin's Theory of Evolution:The Best Idea Ever

Charles Darwin’s 1859 publication, On the Origin of Species, changed the way we look at biology forever. Its central idea, evolution by means of natural selection… 1,038 more words


Humans and Their Evolution.

The debate between whether or not humans are continuing in life’s neverending battle of survival of the fittest has many points that are very persuasive on both sides of the argument. 521 more words

Ending the evolution "controversy" once and for all

Evolution by natural selection is as close to a fact as you can possibly get. It’s a scientific theory; that is, it’s backed up by objective, falsifiable, empirical evidence – it’s not simply a ‘guess’ or an ‘idea’ or ‘just a theory’ – scientific theories aren’t colloquial ‘theories’. 2,261 more words

A "New Human Species"? Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!

According to a researcher at the “Global Brain Institute… mankind is undergoing a major ‘evolutionary transition'”.

He says that the shift in human functioning over the next 40 or 50 years will be so dramatic that humanity will “evolve” into a new kind of species. 402 more words

Age Of Euphemism

The THEORY of Natural Selection

What is a Theory?

Put Natural Selection into your own words:

Watch this video:

Who was Charles Darwin and how did he come up with his theory?