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Yacon Syrup- Healthy or Hoax?

The trendy new weight loss supplement on everybody’s radar is yacon syrup. A famous TV doctor called it a “metabolism game changer” and products have flooded the market making all kinds of big claims. 725 more words


Homemade 'Truvia': an apology

In my past posts I have encouraged the use of Truvia as a natural alternative sweetener to sugar. I technically wasn’t wrong in my recommendation, as Truvia is made from Stevia, a plant, and Erythritol  which is a naturally occurring sugar alcohol that comes from corn. 108 more words

From The Kitchen

The Health Benefits of Yacon Syrup

The latest health and wellness craze to take hold involves a little know plant that is native to South American. It’s a diet staple of several countries down there and has a long history, having been cultivated and consumed by the Ancient Incans. 642 more words


Natural sweetener

Have to try the organic maguey sap!  Enjoy it with your favorite drinks and meals.



Organic Is Better

All About Stevia

Why Stevia?

Stevia has gained popularity in recent years as it’s a natural (derived from a flower) sweetener that has zero calories.  It’s also ideal for those watching their blood sugar (e.g. 256 more words


Where Should You Buy Yacon Syrup? What Should You Look For?

As the Yacon diet becomes more and more popular, the number of stores offering the product grows.  If you are wondering where to buy Yacon syrup… 455 more words



Today, I am thankful for

  • the strength to go to the gym yesterday and run for 30 minutes.
  • my husband, who found a dresser for me from craigslist.
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