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Healing With the Rodin Coil

Over the past twenty years I have researched different healing methods, basically to improve my own health from an ailment. I have found that it is important to eat healthy.

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Bad Hair?

Nothing annoys me more than when people refer to themselves or another as having ‘bad hair’. What does that even mean?  I have always taken the stance that everyone has ‘good hair’ but, there are many who have poor maintenance. 258 more words

Hair Talk

Helping your skin from the inside out - Juicing

Beauty is body deep…

Suffering with adult acne since the age of 25, a further investigation in Australia resulted in a Polycystic Ovaries diagnosis (PCOS) and a conclusion to wondering why my skin had been breaking out for the past four years. 162 more words


2 Quote A Flower Daily - Yellow Calla Lily-2

“Know what you look like? Look around, your closest associates will be your reflection.”

~Louis Martin Jr.