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Natural Hair Care

Most of the universe has transitioned to natural hair: The Early Adopters started the trend about 10-15 years ago and those of us who were Fast Followers have been… 826 more words


Onomatopoeia - resembling natural sounds !

Onomatopoeia – these stands for the words that phonetically imitates the sounds of the nature.


In a way it helps to express and imitate the exact sound that the particular character or object is making. 90 more words

Wrong Dosage

Many American believe herbs are safer than pharmaceuticals because they are “natural”. Herb critics counter that pharmaceuticals are safer because users know precisely how much they’re ingesting, while herb users can only guess at dosages with raw plant material. 237 more words


Are Healing Herbs Safe?

Are herbs safe to use? Asks Donald Law, PH.D., in the Concise Herbal Encyclopedia. “ The answer is yes. No plant could have any possible unpleasant effects is ever recommended by any botanic physician. 263 more words


Let it grow, let it groooow

To all my teamnatural girls out there huge a round of applause to you! You are doing things that other REFUSE to do, being natural is such a stressful thing (I did it for three year), there is always that tempting moment when you’re like “nope I need a chemical NOW” but DONT BREAK. 134 more words


Normal vs. Caesarean Delivery

Although you may find that c-section is very common, but you can’t dislodge the fact that surgeries are risky and caesarean birth is a major surgery in your tummy and pelvic area. 410 more words


2 Quote A Flower Daily - Crocus Bunch 2

“Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.”

~John W. Gardner