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Part 3 of an Assumed Diary Entry of a Housewife by a Single, Unmarried Woman

July 23, 2014,

Me and him met today at a seedy econ o lodge in another city, 45 minutes away today. The bathroom was filthy, the air conditioner was broken, and the bed was lumpy. 323 more words

Soapbox Theory Bringing Familiar Faces to Design

As a child, I vividly remember that my mom would only buy dolls, characters, or anything with a face on it that was the same color as me. 1,021 more words

Natural Hair

Natural Alternatives to Ibuprofen

Original Article on Healthy Holistic Living

Seeking a natural alternative to ibuprofen is not just for those who prefer natural remedies to conventional medicines. For many people it is something they are passionate about because of the many concerns that have been voiced linking ibuprofen to things like heart disease, circulatory problems, and gastrointestinal conditions. 1,282 more words


Scrub That Stress Away

Have you ever experienced that degree of fatigue that make you want to drop everything at your front door, walk straight to the bedroom and plop face down on the bed? 615 more words