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I’m never sure what I think when pop stars land such a huge campaign like Rita Ora did for Roberto Cavalli. I mean these are singers, not working models. 346 more words

Haraway: Companion Species Manifesto

In The Companion Species Manifesto, Haraway announces that the utility of the cyborg has expired and it “ no longer do the work of a proper herding dog to gather up the threads needed for critical inquiry” (4). 408 more words


Nana Dees: Lotion Review/Giveaway

What is Nana Dees? Spa quality products made by moms. There natural ingrediant’s sooth, moisturize, pamper, and nurture your skin. They are made with essential oils, herbs, botanicals, natural oils and butters. 677 more words


Natural Supplements for Fatigue

There are many people who feel tired or fatigued on a daily basis.  I want you to know this is NOT NORMAL.  You should feel refreshed in the morning and ready to tackle the day along with a steady stream of energy all day.  247 more words


Can't leave the house without my face on!

So I have a crap ton of allergies…like seriously a crap ton. Down to the point where I am allergic to allergy medication….now I know what you are thinking, that’s pretty f’d up and you would be right!! 138 more words


I'm Back!

I was at lunch the other day with some friends, and was asked, “Do you even do anything with your blog anymore?”

It’s been over 6 months since I last posted anything. 194 more words