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Master class: silence and prints

As mist ghosts vanished in daylight, I attended master class with a great blue heron teacher. Standing about 40ft apart, each faced the expanse of water in blissful quiet sweetly broken only by an occasional high bird call. 158 more words

Put the Camera Down

I’ve been writing the Puppy Press for about three months now, and each time I write a post, I always make sure to include plenty of photos and videos to help you visualize my experiences. 1,072 more words


Turtle navigator

Stepping out in a newly washed world, cool wind coursing over my face: the day greeted me

A 6 inch shelled turtle lay luxuriously sunning on a nearby rock … and, something in the water called my attention. 124 more words


I rounded a corner only to note two young skunks, appearing for all the world like two giggling teenagers, looking surprised to see a human walking toward them. 40 more words

Ringless Honey Mushroom (Armillaria tabescens)

I always know when Fall is around the corner when I see these guys start to pop up! In my part of WV the growing season for the Ringless Honey Mushroom is generally mid-late August through October, with their peak being September to November in other parts of the US. 477 more words


Where The Water Meets The Wind

This one goes out to my main man, Walt Whitman! But also Ben Frank and Betsy Ross who keep equal watch over this resourceful river front in Philadelphia. 304 more words