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Tricolor Heron Picture

This is a pretty good picture I got of a Tricolor Heron (Egretta tricolor).  I got this image on the edge of a pond around the golf course in my neighborhood.   116 more words

Enough Offers to Keep you in the Seat too Long!

Every time I turn around I come across some money making online promotion.  I check into them but I am not a fool. 

My dream is to make a lot of money so my naturalist husband can bring about real change in our world.  40 more words

Kendall Kessler Art

week thirty

We pass a hidden, bamboo clearing during our morning walks.  The light is diffused by dense, tall stalks, and ephemeral signs of passersby like chemistry notes and viola sheet music rest in the trees and on the weeds and grass.   17 more words



These are some pictures of the Eastern Oyster (Crassostrea virginica) That I took off of Bohicket Creek around Seabrook Island, South Carolina.  Oysters are very well known organisms because they are commonly used as a food source.   530 more words

Red-tailed Hawk - update with better picture!!

Got this picture today walking around my neighborhood.  I heard this Red-tailed Hawk screeching from the top of the tree.  Trespassed  into someones yard to get the pic.   42 more words

Bald Eagle update... New pics

I wrote a post about Bald Eagles about a week ago. The picture I posted with it was not very good. Today I got to get some good pictures of one that I wanted to share. 57 more words

Draft Book Covers

I would be grateful for advice from readers as I decide between drafts for a new book cover. This is a collection of short essays about nature and science, including memoir, based on updated/ expanded posts from this blog and previously unpublished stories. 44 more words