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“Tyger! Tyger! burning bright, In the forests of the night:”

The world celebrates International Tiger Day to raise awareness for tiger conservation. Also known as Global Tiger Day that is held each year on July 29, the aim is to promote global conscientiousness for protecting the tiger’s natural habitats and to make the public aware of the need to support conservation issues for tigers. 322 more words

Amol Deshmukh


As a donation to my greater community, I often extract metal from rivers and streams.

Metal and its oxidates (as it rusts and disintegrates) are highly toxic to animals and plants. 180 more words

Natural Hair Care

Most of the universe has transitioned to natural hair: The Early Adopters started the trend about 10-15 years ago and those of us who were Fast Followers have been… 826 more words


Meet the Puppy Pack - Part 2

If you’re a parent, you have probably said aloud or thought to yourself, “They’re growing up so fast!”

I’m not a parent and don’t plan to be for a long time, but I think I’m getting a sneak preview as a Puppy Parent. 1,066 more words


The Art of Puppy Zen

I’ve recently had a couple of days that just weren’t that great.

I could tell you the reasons, but they wouldn’t add anything to the story. 1,217 more words


The Ten-legged Spider

Every word in the title is a lie. The creature I’d like to introduce isn’t a spider and it doesn’t have ten legs, but that was exactly what I thought when I got a good look at it, which wasn’t the first time I saw it. 853 more words