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A day shared with elephants

When Vicky and I first arrived in East Africa we had a lot to learn. We’d spent thousands of hours filming underwater, but very few on land, and none in Africa – we were, quite literally,  wet behind the ears. 1,065 more words


A perfect exit

I was at a protected waterway near dusk, observing multiple kinds of wildlife.

A pair of Canada geese were browsing nearby.

A car came up behind mine, shining bright lights directly on the geese, turned up its beams and began honking repeatedly, madly: clearly trying to drive the two away. 157 more words

Esteemed thinker: Richard Jefferies

Leftovers are usually thought of as food that we will eat later’; sometimes because we want to and other times because we feel guilty. In restaurants there is even a word for the container we put our uneaten food at the end of our meal. 715 more words

19th Century

North by northwest to Alaska

I have to say that when I picked up the book Naturalist at Sea: From Dampier to Darwin by Glyn Williams, I wasn’t sure what I was getting into but up to this point, I think I made a good choice. 81 more words


Introducing All 7 Brothers!

Introducing all seven of “Piratess” Tilly’s international crew mate brothers. Each orphaned member was brought aboard “Piratess” Tilly’s sailing ship, Foster. They each offer something unique to ship life ~ something from their homelands! 6 more words

Children's Picture Book