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Hume's Guillotine

This video covers Hume’s Law regarding the distinction between descriptive and prescriptive statements. A reference to Moore’s naturalistic fallacy is made in order to distinguish Hume’s Law.

A2 Philosophy Of Religion

Human Rights Promotion (23): Moral vs Emotional Persuasion


Actions are motivated by beliefs, at least to some extent. (I’ll come back to this in a minute). It’s safe to say that… 885 more words

Human Rights

Appeal to nature in the GMO debate

Anti-GMO sentiment is often propelled by the appeal to nature fallacy. This is the mistaken belief that “natural” = good and “unnatural” = bad. Yet we’ve already improved “unnaturally” on nature numerous times: cooking, agriculture, selective breeding, hybridization, hygiene, vaccines, and so on. 569 more words