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UPDATE: Coconut oil on face

So, I’ve been using the coconut oil on my face for what feels like at least a month or two. I LOVE IT. I recently switched from refined to unrefined and I like it better because it turns to liquid faster, wasn’t altered, and moisturizes just as well if not better! 41 more words

Oil Pulling

As a natural remedy loving, homeopathic junkie I always have one ear to the earth, for new and improved ways to enhance my quality of life with simple, natural methods and products, so obviously when I came across an article on ‘oil pulling’ I was intrigued and absolutely intent on trying it out for myself. 477 more words


Homemade Ginger Ale

Natural Ginger Ale!

If you love ginger ale,  you can make your own at home without any artificial ingredients and preservatives.

Make it with real ginger! 134 more words


Raw Honey

This is something that works really well when my son has a cough/cold: raw honey.

A teaspoon before bedtime does the trick!

Do you know studies have determined that children who get a dose of honey cough less and sleep better than those who get cough and cold medicines? 69 more words