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i use essential oils on a daily basis. but i have a few favorites… one of them being LAVENDER!

use lavender for :

anxiety & stress management as it is known as a calming oil… 53 more words


Skin Fixes: DIY Body Wraps & Other Solutions

DIY Body Wraps & Other Solutions to Love the Skin You’re In!
909 more words

An Eczema Brew

Call me Sybil Trelawney if you will but I drink tea upon opening my eyes in the morning through ’til brushing my teeth at night. 303 more words

Mr. P.B.'s Snake Oil Sex Tonic by Pompous Bastard™

Mr. P.B.'s Snake Oil #Sex #Tonic by Pompous Bastard™ #snakeoil #vitality #giftideas #menshealth #naturalremedies #homeopathic #naturalcures

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Tavren's Story!

Tavren was always a really fussy/ colicky baby who never slept longer than 2 hours at night and only napped for about 20 min at a time. 682 more words


Green Smoothies and 1-Week Green Monster Challenge!

Hello Darlings!

Today I want to write a little post about my current favorite drink – the green smoothie aka the green monster ha-ha.

Okay! I have to admit, green smoothies didn’t look very appealing to me in the beginning. 541 more words


Combat the Cold: Prevention

It is that fantastic time of year when the temperature cools, the leaves change color, and everyone starts sneezing, coughing, and sharing germs. If you are too busy to get sick this Fall, here are some preventative measures to start TODAY to combat yourself against the cold. 479 more words