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An evening at Spillway State Park

Great evening picnic on Labor Day. It’s one of my favorite spots in the area. And since we waited until late in the afternoon, it was almost completely deserted. 14 more words


The Southern California high desert near Borrego Springs

When Jim and I went to Colorado many years ago, we were not that enamored of all the “fourteeners,” that is, mountains that were more than 14,000 feet high. 220 more words


Labour Day

To labour:

long days of toil and sweat,

the strain of striving ,

the back- breaking efforts~

plodding though the drudgery

from dawn to dusk, 8 more words


Rain Reflections

The rain drums against my window, hard, that staccato rhythm numbing in its purity, in its steady beat. It is sweet soul music in the midst of my agony, while my world falls apart. 233 more words


Thunder and Lightning

I’m so late with my blogging today and right now it’s totally difficult because Bijou is all over me lol! It took me like ten ¬†minutes just to type this much, we’ve been outside playing more badminton but the lightning started coming on strong and the thunder is rumbling. 106 more words


No Leaves to Tally

Could it be that ancient oracles

Once transcribed all of life’s wisdom

In delicate script of green and gold

Detectable only in the stillness

Of a wooded canopy? 82 more words