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How Environmentalism Can Help Stop Eboladeforestation is making the situation worse by bringing humans in contact with the animals that carry the virus, since loss of habitat leaves them with nowhere to go. 106 more words


Monarch Butterfly-To-Be

It seems as though this has been a long process.  So amazing!  Today I can see Monarch butterfly wings in one of the cocoons in our yard. 35 more words



Not always apparent at first glance, but yes, I’m a treehugger. Axes, saws, splitting mauls, chisels and the permanence of wood dust in home, vehicle and clothing belie my reverence for trees, shrubs and all woody materials. 347 more words


Point Reyes National Seashore

This is a glimpse through the fog of a portion of Point Reyes National Seashore in California. The park is designated a nature preserve, but a few farms are allowed to operate inside its borders.


About Me

I’m Michelle, and I’m a 20 year old college student who’s been doing professional photography for 5 years now. But more importantly, photography has pretty much been the center of my life for the last seven years. 342 more words


Map of the day II: Looming water apocalypse

The Colorado River Basin, where groundwater is being extracted at levels certain the lead of a catastrophic water failure for the American West in the the near-term future. 289 more words


Pacific Fun Project Paddle Boards

Matt, Myself, and Layla are the new owners a beautiful paddle board.

I got the board through a company called Pacific Fun Project. They were the nicest most helpful business owners I have met in a long time. 39 more words

Barefoot Photography