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Every life carries within a gift of extraordinary magic!

Every life, carries within, a gift of extraordinary magic! Make it your purpose to find this magic, go treasure hunting within your heart, and once you have found this gift, devote the rest of your life to helping others realise their own gift of magic. 121 more words


Chasing a nymph through the woods

Chasing a nymph through the woods–it may sound like I was living out some fantasy as a character in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, but I was only running after a butterfly, a Common Wood Nymph ( 139 more words


Silence Can Be Intimidating

Note to reader: I could not upload the Image to WordPress as I kept getting an error message. Upload size to WordPress of a media file is  1gb and my picture was only 20mb but… 743 more words



Tragedy fell upon our country…

On the 17th of July a passenger airplane was shot out of the sky.
Families and couples on their way to that well deserved holiday, business people on their way to a very important congress about AIDS in Australia. 133 more words