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When some sounds are isolated from their source or an image of their source, we hear them quite differently. Could you tell this was a waterfall if there was no image ?

Sound And Story Collection

Sunday Reflection

I like to write outside, by myself. That isn’t always achievable at my house. My front porch is my favourite space, when it’s not too hot and there aren’t noisy children close by. 352 more words

Night Sounds From North Georgia: Tree Frogs in July

There are two types of tree frogs in my corner of North Georgia: the American gray tree frog and Cope’s gray tree frog.  The only way to tell them apart is by the sound of their voices.   126 more words


Camp Lo - Cold Retarded (Prod. Ski Beatz)

New Camp Lo album coming soon on Nature Sounds, entirely produced by Ski Beatz.


Playing a tree like a record.... No, really!

This is pretty wild…

Artist Bartholomäus Traubeck has done something pretty unbelievable. He’s devised a method or analyzing the rings of a tree and then feed that data through a system that plays piano notes. 64 more words

Night Song

If you’re outside on a warm summer eventing in New York you’re sure to hear this familiar sound. A peaceful vibration unless of course one gets under your bed.

Hudson Valley


In 2011 Bartholomäus Traubeck, a German artist, created the Years exhibit. Featuring a modified turntable consisting of a camera, it translates the tree rings digitally into music. 100 more words