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Back from the Nearly Dead

Just a few days ago they were frozen rock hard, a frog-sicle. But today, they are barking up a storm in the pond. They’re back from the nearly dead. 309 more words

Natural History

Osprey on the Hudson

Osprey can be found all over the world. This one was recorded in the spring on the shore of the Hudson River at the Saugerties Light House.

Hudson River

From a Peep to a Cacophony

It’s a warm evening, and the only signs of snow are the eroding piles beside the driveway. Down in the valley, there is a chorus erupting, and up on the hill in a pond, another is just beginning. 775 more words

Natural History

Night Chorus

A signature sound of the Hudson Valley. Once you hear the peepers at night, you know spring has really arrived. These were recorded in Stone Ridge, NY.

Hudson Valley

Phainopepla's Winter Tale

Stories:  During the winter, the upland bosque around Ash Meadows is very quiet, with one notable exception. Learning the many stories of the refuge and its wild inhabitants is a fascinating element of this soundscape project. 480 more words

Ash Meadows NWR

Spring Hope

One of the first signs of spring is the return of the song birds. This recording was done later in the season, but on this first day of spring it gives us hope of more to come.