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Pagan Parenting: Honor the Nature Spirits with a Snow Person

The blizzard in Northern NY stopped this afternoon and we had some time to go out and clean up. The sun even came out for a bit! 50 more words


The View Outside My Window Today

An Cailleach is wide awake in Northern New York, ready to teach us humility and patience. May we all learn gracefully this season! Hail and welcome!


Winter Has Come

Despite what the modern calendar tells you, winter is here in Upstate NY.  We’ve received snow.  An Cailleach is wide awake, shaking the dust out of her skirts and cloaks.   265 more words



It was 1999 and the drought was several years in. Most of the regional lakes were low or bone dry. I drove out to one of the nearby lakes and saw it was very low. 1,005 more words

1990s Out-of-body Experiences

About the Locust

Within ADF Druidry, we honor three groups we refer to, collectively, as the Kindreds: the Shining Ones (that is, the gods), the Ancestors (those of blood, yes, but also those of spirit), and the Spirits of Nature. 708 more words


Exploring Rocket Stoves

I’ve been really curious about rocket stoves.  I see people interested in sustainability, survival skills, and camping post about them from time to time.  Turns out, my father has been interested too.   117 more words