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Genetics, Adoption and First World Curiosities

For much of my life I’ve succumbed to the idea that¬†many of my unanswerable questions fall under the umbrella of nature. I hoped that someday my genetic questions would be answered through a one-time meeting or a picture (thinking that was all the openness I’d ever get). 846 more words


The Systemic Universe

I’d like to say before I start that the ideas presented in this post are just from me thinking about it and not necessarily from any scientific, psychological, or otherwise authoritative source. 808 more words


Artificial DNA for Genetic Fractals

Double helix

In this blog I have referred to artificial DNA or aDNA without really explaining what I mean by this. Initially I started using this term in the context of genetic fractals which are a mathematical model of natural structures and even organisms. 571 more words


The Problem With Psychology

I find certain topics in Psychology interesting (particularly when it comes to behaviour and cognition.) I read the odd book about it and have just signed up to a course on Future Learn, ‘ 506 more words

Random Thought



Daughter Maggie who also happens to be my editor suggested that she would like to see me write something about evil. I think this was precipitated by the recent beheading by one of those ISIS guys.  5,808 more words

Flashback 6

Heaven has
A Divine

September 17 — 11:25 AM

I saw the psychiatrist for the second time this morning. I can barely recall seeing him the first time, but I must have, him being the only one able to prescribe medication in this place. 130 more words

Mad Ruminations

Babies are born evil?

Something worries me this morning. Mei put forth the claim that babies are born bad. She used the word ‘evil’ rather than bad, but I think she meant the latter. 420 more words