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Constructing Socio-Cultural Context

In another post that I’m drafting, I claim that “individuals and societies together construct socio-cultural context”. Reading that got me thinking, and I want to explore that statement in more depth. 715 more words

Rhetoric And Semiotics

Heredity, Good or Bad?

Those of us that know our biological parents and/or have biological children understand the blessings and curses of heredity. Allergies, bad eyes, and height challenges are all on my list of things I have regrettably inherited from my parents. 200 more words


7. Social experiment with gays

So last month I found I have a little extra pocket money, actually quite  decent sum to be honest, and I weighed my options between going ape-shit drunk with it or put it to some use. 990 more words


Nature vs. Nurture

We get it, the white man runs and ruins the world. Since elementary school, we’ve been learning just about the same things repeatedly in history. That is, only hearing about the white man’s failures and the white man’s achievements. 394 more words


Brown Skin

I had a girl look at me one morning at the kindergarten and just casually say, “You have brown skin.”

First thought in my head was, “YES! 117 more words

Teaching English Is Funny

Similar Beginnings, Different Ends

The “contributing factor” of this huge difference would be???  Nurture, mostly…

Similar beginnings, different ends, do you ever wander, why, exactly, it is that those scientists loved twin studies so very much?   133 more words


Carl David Ceder with Psych Insights

Carl David Ceder–a good friend of mine as many of my readers know–and I just had a relatively deep discussion about nature vs nurture. For background on this, I had recently returned to Ohio after spending sometime visiting family in Texas celebrating my cousin’s passing the bar so he can begin practicing law (though really we all have been asking him for years for legal advice and when a certain uncle who shall remain nameless began about DUI offenses, as he has many, our cousin decided this is where he wanted to focus his attention. 801 more words

Carl Ceder