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Flashback 6

Heaven has
A Divine

September 17 — 11:25 AM

I saw the psychiatrist for the second time this morning. I can barely recall seeing him the first time, but I must have, him being the only one able to prescribe medication in this place. 130 more words

Mad Ruminations

Babies are born evil?

Something worries me this morning. Mei put forth the claim that babies are born bad. She used the word ‘evil’ rather than bad, but I think she meant the latter. 420 more words


16.09.14 - Beholding Beauty

We’ve all heard that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Do you agree? is all beauty contingent on a subjective point of view? 244 more words


My Fill-in-the-blank Privilege

One of the more memorable movies of my childhood was Sounder.  Sounder was a dog who belonged to a poverty-stricken southern family.  A particularly heart-wrenching scene in that movie is when the father is taken to prison for stealing food to feed his family.   723 more words

MOM's Organic Market

Nature vs. Nurture

My parents were drunks. They didn’t drink occasionally, nor did they drink with any semblance of moderation. My maternal grandmother drank like a fish, and my uncles on that side of the family drank, drugged, and goodness knows what else. 787 more words

Who are you?

Don’t let others define you.

This is a concept likely all of us have heard from birth.  Don’t let someone tell you who you are; you have to discover it yourself.  599 more words



So the best laid plans of mice and men right? Now, though I have wifi at school constantly I have also been constantly doing homework, going to class, or running some club or another. 965 more words