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Up and down, up and down

I really feel like my moods are fluctuating. I’m maintaining…….and no one would know but me.

But boy, I feel like my mood from day to night takes a complete 180. 158 more words


The Why of Criminal Minds

The Why: Why do I watch Criminal Minds and why do other people watch Criminal Minds?

Let’s start with me. I started watching Criminal Minds when I was in eighth grade—a little bit younger than the recommended age to watch such a violent show (oops). 618 more words

Criminal Minds

Nature vs Nurture

Module 4 Reflection  EDU 6132

I have always enjoyed the debate of nature versus nurture. At the beginning of chapter one Pressley and McCormick believe that both nature and nurture play an important role in child development (McCormick and Pressley, 2007). 488 more words

EDU 6132

Day 78, 288 More to Go!

Well, I warned you of this, that I would not be weighing today because of my period. I know that I should, but honestly, it isn’t worth it when I know I’m bloated and the results won’t be what I want. 739 more words

Weight Loss

Rey Revisited: Another Look at Swimwear and Modesty

Last year, I wrote a short article criticizing actress-turned-entrepreneur Jessica Rey in response to her semi-viral presentation on QIdeas (sort of a Christianized TED for those who are unfamiliar), in which she touts the business she owns, Rey Swimwear, as a solution to a number of social problems she blames on current swimwear styles. 142 more words

Hereditary Paradox

Hereditary for intelligence is linear with hereditary for sport athlete, it will meet the merit system as long as the environment condition is strictly under control. 167 more words