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Are Labels Truly Defining?

In my book Time’s Tempest, Taya isn’t your average introvert/extrovert – those labels don’t accurately apply just as they don’t for many of us. The average individual will show signs of tendencies toward one label or the other but tends to be a mish-mash of both attributes. 424 more words


Nature vs nurture


Eugenics: selecting and promoting only “good” genes
Nature: instinctive and genetic
Nurture: influenced by environment; learned and conditioned (see: conditioning)
Freewill: cognitive independence and self-control… 27 more words

Foundational Psychology

Rooted Lives

Mamma kept insisting that plants had feelings.

Despite holding a doctorate to her credit, she held a few staunch beliefs that could barely be termed scientific. 483 more words

Sower of Seeds

The gospels lately have had a continuing message of seeds and weeds and how they are sowed. They continually talk about the different soil that seeds can fall into and how that affects their growth. 432 more words

Dropped Out at Age Ten, Now He Owns a Shoe Factory, the Taiwanese Merchant Donated Another Ambulance




He SHOWED them all right, from the Newspapers, translated…

He didn’t have enough money to go to school, and was looked down by his classmates and school teachers, at age ten, he’d dropped out of school, and took to the streets, but he’d never blamed anybody for this misfortune, at age forty-something, he’d owned a shoe factory in China, and, six years ago, he’d come back home, in his glory, to give back to his hometown, and worked hard, to get involved in nonprofit work. 483 more words


A Critique of Aaron James' "Asshole" Theory

I’ve recently been reading Aaron James’ Assholes: A Theory, in which James attempts to sort out what it means to be an “asshole”, how people get to be “assholes” and what methods people and societies should use to contain and contend with them. 1,434 more words


Expanding On What Nature Gives Us

Over the past few weeks of class, we have been discussing student cognition and biological development, and how this affects learning. While biology plays a large role in how students physically and mentally think, experience also plays a hand in shaping their minds. 482 more words