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Clones: the Best Nature VS. Nurture Experiment

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

A friend of mine got me addicted to Orphan Black recently. I’m talking really obsessed though, like I’ve already finished the first two seasons and am watching them again because the third still hasn’t come out yet. 92 more words

Creative Writing

Nature or Nurture?

What frames your character? Something which is innate in you? or is it based on the way you were brought up?

Earlier I used to think 50-50. 434 more words


Just a little rant..

Becoming a bit fed up of seeing the same tweets or updates saying “The Smart and Talented people will get better grades than me” or “I can’t be better than him/her because they’re more talented”. 551 more words

A new study of gay men in the U.S. has found that male sexual orientation is influenced by genes passed on by the mother.

New Study Finds That Your Mother Made You Gay

by Winnie McCroy

EDGE Editor

The British newspaper the Guardian reports that in a test of 400 gay men, genes on at least two chromosomes affected whether a man is gay. 416 more words


Prone to the Development of Mental Disorders

There’s that genetic PRE-disposition, like if your grandparents, great-grandparents, or even, great-great-grandparents had it, and, the chances of it being “passed down” to you is extremely H-I-G-H too isn’t it. 178 more words


Coursework Meta Reflection: EDU6132

 E1 – Exemplify professionally-informed, growth-centered practice                      H1 – Honor student diversity and development                                                      

One part of honoring student development and diversity is to have the understanding the developmental and cognitive differences in the way students learn in the classroom. 875 more words


There is NOTHING Shameful in Dumping Emotional Garbage


The shocking news of Hollywood comedian, Robin Williams’s suicide in his own home, he was only sixty-three.  Not only is he a great comedian, he is an all-around talented actor, but unfortunately, he couldn’t defeat the demons of depression, ended his own life early, and it’s really sad. 388 more words