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"Genes Load the Gun, Environment Pulls the Trigger"

Nature vs. Nurture, the Age old Debate – which comes first, the chicken or the egg? To this day I find myself amazed at how many family members of my clients suffering from an eating disorder arrive at my office doors frustrated and angry with the suffering person.   224 more words


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You are born with genetically imprinted qualities. These things become expressed at birth with your eye color, sex, etc. but there are some genes that turn on or off depending on your environment. 810 more words

Lego Land.

Emma has my squinty eyes. Kate has Scott’s blonde hair.

Boom. Easy. Our genes went this way here and that way there.

Emma and Kate’s temperaments – ah, now that’s tricky.  1,018 more words


Was Rob Zombie's Michael Myers based on Henry Lee Lucas?

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Rob Zombie was asked who his favorite non-fictional serial killer was.  He replied:

I love ‘em all. Not, you know, as people or anything, but they all make for great stories.

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And as a child is being reared throughout those first formative years, he takes in all of the experiences around him.  Everything that happens while he is present is part of the developing Subconscious and self identity.   388 more words


"The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree"

     The above quote, by Isaac Newton, is one of those wonderfully antiquated expressions that can sum up a person’s character pretty quickly. I suppose this works if the apple and tree are a good match. 543 more words

Finding The Funny In Everyday Life

Competitiveness - Episode 036

Are women really less competitive than men?

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