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Nature Vs. Nurture

Here’s the thing, I have one of the most loving families in the world but being at home and being on a diet is a hard thing to do.  360 more words

Clone Yourself?

Last week I discussed the possibility and ethics of cloning your pet so you could have the “same” animal for your lifetime, what about the ethics of cloning yourself? 536 more words

Culture And Society

It's Nature

I am a big people watcher. I can sit at a cafe all afternoon just observing the types of personalities that parade by. I am observing their behavior so that I will understand human nature better because, honestly, I am more often then not, surprised and baffled by people. 263 more words


Nature vs. Nurture

The article written by Manning and Quinton (2007) titled, Association of Digit Ratio (2D:4D) with Self-Reported Attractiveness in Men and Women centers around an internet study conducted to find cognitive and behavioral sex differences in men and women. 802 more words

The Never-Ending Story...

Frankenstein - Miller as Creature

I saw a cinema screening of Danny Boyle’s theatrical depiction of Frankenstein last week, and I am still captivated by it. 375 more words


The Great Chasm

To my brothers: Grace and peace to you from God and the Lord Jesus Christ.

There is more to talk about, so much more.

I mentioned the importance of language in an earlier letter and today I was blessed with this beautiful bit of writing in an academic paper I found in a round about way. 2,033 more words


Education 6132 - Learners in Context: Module 4 Reflection

H3 – Honor the classroom/school community as a milieu for learning

The argument as to whether one’s individual traits and behaviors are caused by genetic or environmental factors, commonly known as the “nature versus nurture” debate, has been perhaps the most hotly discussed issue in the history of the field of psychology.  329 more words

EDU 6132