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Great Blue Heron on the hunt

Throughout the summer Great Blue Herons (Pelecaniformes: Ardeidae: Ardea herodias) can often be seen in and around a variety of North American waters. These large birds spend a lot of time in both saltwater and freshwater environments, wading and patiently waiting for prey. 228 more words


... first photos from Darwin ...

Our summers are Darwin’s winters with uninterrupted sunshine at over 30 degrees.  From October it becomes too hot and humid for the easy life.

I’m here to meet my son’s new family.  126 more words


Beauty in the Wind

Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I found this tiny blue butterfly,  perhaps an inch wide, as it was finding nectar late this afternoon. It was remarkable that the small insect could do so in the very windy conditions that preceded a storm that is expected to come to the area tonight. 18 more words

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Gourmet Gluttons

Fine Dining With Furry Friends.

Four out of five pet owners now consider their pet a member of the family, and consumers are shifting their priorities when it comes to purchasing food for their pets accordingly (Mintel, Pet Food, 2013). 289 more words


Lotus Flowers

Another July water flower.

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