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enjoy the day

Ironbark woodland

before the heat arrives

last cool breezes

Charlie loves roaming in the Ironbark bush at Bendigo. There are always lots of new scents and sightings to keep her imagination working. 67 more words


Gifts for Christmas

With a title like that I really feel like this should be a post about something deep and meaningful, but instead all I have to show you is a few paintings I did as gifts this Christmas. 178 more words


Zoe's first encounters of a plant kind

I had the opportunity recently to introduce my three-months-old great granddaughter, Zoe, to my garden, access to which is through a fairly densely stocked fernery. I had no idea how Zoe would react. 568 more words


Wet Solstice

“Now is the solstice of the year

Winter is the glad song that you hear”

–Jethro Tull

~May the new year bring you peace and joy~

Pics And Quips

Flies in the Attic 2014-30

Flies in the Attic   2014-30

Living in Johnstown, PA at our house on Beckley  Ave., in the attic, were two windows on either side of the peak of the house. 154 more words


I've Learned; Nature

That’s right, I don’t own you

you choose to be with me

The fish choose to

like the cat who found a home

because they see that home in you… 120 more words