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The Sweet Smell of Rain

I took a gamble this morning in trying to beat the rain for a morning run. I figured I had a 50-50 chance of making it home without being caught in a downpour. 424 more words


The Bird of Paradise

Birds of paradise were intimidating to me when I first started as a florist because they are simply not like any other flower. Think of a traditional daisy, a carnation, a chrysanthemum, a rose — these blossoms are more or less spherical and of similar size, and they fit together amongst other such blossoms with ease and a sense of unity. 376 more words


catch up post #2 - mini sessions in glen mills

last fall we held a few spectacularly successful mini-session dates at our favorite location – newlin grist mill! we had a lot of great families turn up for the shoots, and we’re excited that a few of those families have come back as repeat clients this year : ) here are a few of the best shots!

White-throated Sparrow #4

A White-throated Sparrow that was eating the fruit off my Dogwood tree in the back yard a week ago or so.


Happy Day - Work Is Done! Now It's Time to Have Some Fun....

Oh my gosh I am in heaven enjoying the falltastic colors! My little pink Monster named Zoey! What happens when a frog parks illegally???  “He gets Toad” wah wah wah!!!!! 6 more words