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Sunshine and shadow

Shapes in cold Ice and water

Ice, sun, beauty!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Morning Observation:

This morning in Huntington at 8:00AM it’s currently 18 degrees under partly cloudy skies. Winds are out of the west at 0-4 mph. Relative humidity is 85%, dewpoint 14, barometric pressure 29.61” and rising rapidly. 327 more words


Musicality in nature

So, I adore nature. I love capturing its beauty and diversity through all that I do, whether it be through image or writing.

I was walking through a park one day and observed a group of squirrels, hoarding acorns and nuts to store for spring. 151 more words


Sunset Mountain Shading

This commonly the used for of shading mountains when it is not entirely realistic is this. now I kind of failed at the shading of the trees (was trying something out and it didn’t work). 15 more words



After all the excitement about The Interviews between Ms. Zulu, Dougy and Andy, which led to the initiative Paws for Peace & Understanding, it is time for some reflection. 17 more words