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Celebrate Nature

Happy Earth Day! Even though its supposed to be a little stormy today, its still a fabulous day to celebrate the beauty of Mother Earth! Especially if you live in a place where the weather is warm & sunny, take advantage of the outdoors & appreciate the simplistic perfection in all little details. 95 more words

Daily Thoughts

Looking for truth in all the wrong places

For me writing is no more nor less than paying attention and telling the truth. Unfortunately we live in a culture that rewards “busyness” and “self-improvement.” Sadly, if that’s where our attention lies and that’s our truth, we miss the best parts of ourselves trying to improve  our worst parts.


Get Free Energy-Saving Trees

Delmarva Power and the Arbor Day Foundation are offering free trees to help you conserve energy. Trees are available on a first-come, first-serve basis from March 20 through June 6, while supplies last. 113 more words

Delmarva Power

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Get Free Energy-Saving Trees! Plant a tree, and love blossoms!

Sunrise surprise

There is a large vine on the fence by the lake that was not there last year. Its roots are buried under a concrete fencepost and it survived the coldest winter in recent history with no care at all. 51 more words


Havenwood School Inspiration ~ Life Lessons of Spring

Excerpts from the novel HAVENWOOD TALES Beginnings

In the meadows and pastures, lines of fat raindrops clung like jewels to the undersides of new branches too green to absorb them, backlit by a cautious sun. 182 more words

Author D.J. Houston

The beauty of His hands

As an artist, I used believe that I had been given a sacred gift to create, but as I have learned to allow the work to dictate to me what exactly it wants to be, the better the work becomes and the easier it flows from my hands. 125 more words


Somewhere Someone Is Looking For Exactly What You Have To Offer

There are so many interpretations of this inspirational quote – what does it mean to you? Is it an invitation to offer what others do not have? 194 more words