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A visit to the saunas

Like I wrote in one of my earlier posts, nudity is a very relaxing practice. That’s why one of the best ways to relax is by going to the saunas. 242 more words


Penis size and nudity II

Had a lot of interest in my other post about willy size and getting naked, hopefully it might encourage other men with low confidence to get nude, if not at least I hope it puts it into a little bit of perspective for you. 461 more words


Cant get enough!

Although I have been naked all weekend, I just cant get enough of it, being nude makes me want to be nude more! I had a shower/shave and have been relaxing this afternoon, catching up on a little bit of blogging and chatting with friends. 296 more words


To shave or not to shave

Me, I like to shave. I used to just trim and keep my pubic hair neat but more often than not now I take it all off and keep it smooth. 293 more words