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I Had an Interesting Dream | Scott RedCloud

I had an interesting dream last night. I dreamed that I went on vacation to the Netherlands and was staying with one of my sisters. I spent the whole 2 weeks clothes free everywhere I went. 186 more words


Housekeeping completed

The list of Nudism/Naturism posts in this blog has been updated. You will note that there are no posts listed for June 2014. We did have Nudism/Naturism posts that month, but they were chatty, not really issue-oriented. 86 more words


Nudism/Naturism: Full-time or part-time?

A journalist asked me a question recently, something like this: Are you full-time nudist/naturist at heart, or part-time? 133 more words


Nudism/Naturism: This and that

First, I have been remiss in keeping the index of nudism/naturism posts up to date here. I really should add the new entries as I do them, but time, time, time . 147 more words


This blog's new look

So, this is pretty much how the blog will look. I’m hoping to find a clearer image of a nude beach sign, as the one up there now seems a little blurry. 67 more words


Nudists/Naturists: Go Topless Day plans?

Yes, the title of this blog is SEO-friendly, not click bait (which I will talk about in another post). It is targeting my many nudism/naturism readers and asking: Do you plan to show your support for women’s equality by attending International Go Topless Day events this Sunday, Aug. 152 more words