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My First Ever Naturist Massage

I wrote recently about my intention to meet with a young woman with

expertise in the field of naturist massage, http://thoughtsofapunter.wordpress.com/2014/04/18/naturist-massage/#respond. Yesterday evening (22… 424 more words

Working on the Project

Had a long meeting with my group mate yesterday in the library. We were discussing where we are going with the project – theories, viewpoints and how it all relates to the degree we’re doing. 216 more words


Discover the Nudist Lifestyle

When you’re out there with a gentle breeze on you, every last hair on your body feels it. You feel completely connected with the natural world in a way you just can’t in clothes.

Be Nude - Be Natural

When I free my body from its clothes, from all their buttons, belts, and laces, it seems to me that my soul takes a deeper, freer breath. 10 more words

Join the movement.

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Join the movement. We’re about being free spiritually and physically cloths on or off!


Naturist Massage?

In the next couple of days I hope to enjoy a naturist massage from a young woman. She tells me that her mother taught her how to massage and her skills extend to 4 hand massage (I had to look this up and it appears that the practice entails a woman and a man massaging a client together). 150 more words