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The Last of Us: Remastered Review

The Last of Us is a game that only comes around once in a generation. Well, unless we’re talking about console generations, that is. 609 more words


The Last of Us: Remastered for PS4

I was actually a bit nervous when I picked this up. I mean, it’s so revered, it’s impossible not to wonder if it really could live up to the hype. 1,063 more words


*New and Improved* The Last Of Us Remastered Walkthrough: Part 6

As some of you fine folks may know, i’ve been posting my Last Of Us playthrough videos on here. Happy to say i’ve upgraded my webcam and i’ve began uploading my work in 1080p! 37 more words


The Last of Us, Chaos, and Control

Apocalypse stories are as old as humanity itself. From the Norse Ragnarok and Sumerian flood myths to the centuries of religious doomsday watchers, people from across the world have long maintained an obsession with the end of days. 1,727 more words

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The Last Of Us Remastered: Left Behind Review

The Last Of Us: Left Behind guys, wow.  What can I honestly say about this?  Well, Lindsey you could actually start by playing the main campaign, and tell us about that?   2,129 more words


Here are some pictures taken in The Last of Us Remastered’s photo mode – a brilliant way to waste hours playing an already time consuming game!   34 more words