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His kiss brushed her lips, then brushed them again on the wake of his sigh. “Don’t be afraid,” he

whispered. “This is going to be fun.” 17,212 more words


First hen party of 2015

Absolutely cannot wait until my first hen party life drawing & bodypainting session of 2015 this Saturday.
It’s in London this time, so Boris can you ensure a good clear road with no traffic (preferably a police escort) for me to get through the city to Aldgate East in the morning? 210 more words


You missed a spot....

Do you shave your pubic area? Do you remove the hair at all? If so, how? What do you think the best method of hair removal is? 82 more words


Chocolate, Passion & Lime Cupcakes

I hate cupcakes that are sickly sweet and all you can taste is a pile of butter and sugar. Instead these cupcakes are a heady mixture of tropical chocolate. 438 more words