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Well, my devices weren’t working yesterday, as per a typical Monday. Actually, that was the least of Monday-ishness. But nevermind; here are some Funday giggles that would tickle any Word Nerd. 12 more words

Grapefruit pull-apart bread

As I tried to clean out my cupboards before I moved away from Australia, I discovered that I had a couple packets of yeast that I didn’t want to go to waste.   1,027 more words


Naughty Spring Fling Edition

I hear the birds and the bees outside ..or it could be my neighbours having fun. Still, I’m back and feeling a lot flirty with this new naughty collection from my personal closet. 16 more words

Jarring Questions with Lisa

Jarring Questions is a ridiculously fun conversation game that will add some color to your nights out with friends. This week, Jarring Questions founder Corrine Clement was in Hong Kong and almost got arrested for playing cards in public. 140 more words


Moroccan Spiced Orange Cake Recipe (Gluten and Lactose free)

This is my Easter cake recipe.  I can actually eat this cake without fear of being crippled with stomach cramps for days afterwards.  The recipe is adapted from a book my mum bought for me called… 597 more words


Sometimes I grab my boobs....

I do I really do I confess! I love my big boobs…I love touching them rubbing them. I love to watch them bounce too. I love to try on the tiniest little top and watch them bust through on all sides. 165 more words