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let the panty party begin!

Guess what!! I am so excited that I finally got my independent online panty store up and running! I’ve been obsessing over it all week! Deciding which panties you all want to have and which panties I enjoy wearing… Taking naughty pictures of myself and figuring out which shots to use… I’ve never looked so long and hard at my body – specifically my bum! 206 more words


reading Friedrich and it's overwhelmingly over your head

a woman lounging
legs over the side of a big lounge chair
dangling from her mouth
unlit – waiting for you to walk over and light it… 149 more words


The only brief negotiations I enjoy...

…are the ones where we decide when we’re going to take off our underwear.



It is a day of creeps

Trees want to climb the climbers

Guns want to hold the hunters

Hoes want to hold the farmers

As if that is not enough; 43 more words

My Biggest Regret

It was Autumn. 2005. I had a chest infection, again. It was after dinner. Time for medicine. “It will help”, they said. I much preferred the infection, to be honest. 301 more words

Snake on a Plane?

This is a response to (the lovely) johnny id’s post. My comment was too long so here it is in post form :P If you haven’t seen his blog yet, head over there. 452 more words

Rambling Goat