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Navajo Mountain Finale

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We woke up in the morning and took our time getting ready. All that was left for us was to walk the canyon out to wherever the lake had reached to and set up camp. 1,913 more words

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Navajo Mountain part 8

Part 7 … Final

Thursday, night

I dropped my pack and pulled out my water containers and headed up from the cul-de-sac in the canyon floor and followed Chris and Garret up the stream a little further to what they called the “Eight Icy Pools.” It was up this way that the coldest, clearest water of the whole trip would come from. 1,159 more words

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Navajo Mountain part 7

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Wednesday, 2 AM

Garrett had broken the pump. We had been through the canyon, ascended back up it, all without finding any more water. 2,441 more words

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Navajo Mountain part 6

Part 5 … Part 7

Wednesday, night, again

Frustration is a hard emotion to deal with, especially when it is mixed with fear.  Add the fact that no one had drunk enough water and that no one’s brain was exactly working on full capacity, and it all made for a nightmare. 2,124 more words


Navajo Mountain part 5

Part 4 … part 6

Wednesday, morning


This time, the sun came up on time, and not too early. We got up and cooked a little breakfast and packed up our stuff, ready to move before the sun got too hot. 2,332 more words

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