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data-driven journalism

Read the announcement of 538.com with much interest, as we over here at MFM are of course, big fans of all things evidence-based.  So in a nod to data-driven journalism, I give you a report of our family ski vacation: 404 more words

Overshare Monday -- The Navel-Gazer

Navel-gazing has recently become one of my favorite terms.

I’m doing some freelance work right now for a client who runs a lifestyle and personal branding website, and a lot of the content we’re working on is about assessing your own behaviors and presence in order to improve the impact you have when you (1) enter a room, (2) have a big client meeting, (3) go on a date, (4) so on and so forth. 161 more words


I went hunting for a particular set of photographs today and ended up falling down the rabbit hole of my archived pictures from the last 15 years.  398 more words

Navel Gazing

True-Life Adventures: Emerald City Con, 2014 - Sat/Sun

Yes, folks, it’s part 2 of my comicon report. Because I cannot write short stories, ever.

Warning: many pictures of awesome Lego designs and “garage kit” models within.

True-Life Adventure

life is a four letter word today

It had to happen sooner or later. I set an impossible course for myself. I demanded happiness from everyone around me and put a crazy amount of pressure on myself to be joyful at all times. 863 more words


Fetish reading and genre reading

When I first started reading romanceland discussion boards one of the most confusing debates I encountered was the one over forced seduction v. rape. I didn’t see what the distinction was, but I respected the people making it and I slowly realized that it was a “this is fiction not real life” argument. 1,461 more words


Cat's outta the bag

A week or so ago, I finally gave into the impulse and started keeping a separate notebook on skincare and makeup. I’ve already amassed Post-it notes with hastily scribbled names of brands and products to look into, the makeup the beauty blogs I’ve been lurking at heartily recommend. 1,059 more words