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I Contain Multitudes!

So, I was just spending time on a blog full of middle-class, middle-aged, American mothers who have au pairs. I know. Why would I do that to myself? 1,130 more words


Well, I’ve gone ahead and done it.  I started another blog.

Metabolizzare is an Italian word that literally means “to metabolize.”  But as I understand it, it is one of those words where when you ask for a translation, you are told “there isn’t really a direct way to say it.”   I have the sense that it is often used in the context of absorbing or taking in something, of finding a way to make something yours.   155 more words

First Post

Living in Liminal Spaces

Not so long ago I made a mistake in French class and my teacher laughed at me, and pointed out that I am “très British” and “trop mignonne”. 1,457 more words

So Let's Talk About Sluts

I really don’t like the word “slut”. I never have. More than “bitch”, “whore” or even the grand C-word, “slut” bothers me.

The reason, in addition to the fact it’s the fulcrum of a longstanding double-standard, is that what it means is a woman who does not value herself or her intimacy and thus gives it to whoever will take it. 604 more words

Navel Gazing

When rose-tinted glasses just aren't enough

It’s not so much an outfit post as it is a further introduction to my pair of purple glasses. I also got a pair of black hellza nerdy hipster glasses, but I’ll show those off later. 124 more words

This Project Is Officially Finished

Body Care Products, Soup and the Absurdist Eccentricity of Modern Masculinity

It’s becoming fairly apparent that the globalized social order of the post-modern, post-capitalist, post-democratic West is undergoing at least a few active crises. But seemingly at the core of all of them lies a truly earth-shaking crisis: a crisis of masculine identity. 903 more words


The Filigree Of Fears

I told Aloy that one of the problems I faced these days was exams anxiety. In his usual unceremonious way, he openly wondered at how strange that was and recounted that I never felt anxious about exams during our junior college days, even those which I managed to fail spectacularly. 418 more words