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Guilt and Gratitude

I’m writing this entry on thanksgiving. It’s not celebrated in Argentina (as far as I know, Canada is the only country outside the US where they celebrate thanksgiving), but I thought it would be good to think about the things I’m grateful for anyway. 625 more words


Writing bullshit

I think the hardest thing about writing about my FEELINGZ (on top of all the difficulties of writing in general) is the constant worry that somebody, somewhere out there has already done it better. 253 more words

Navel Gazing

It is imperfect. And that's okay.

It is imperfect. I used to say those words to myself, aloud, as a mantra, several times in a row, in an empty parking lot, every week. 434 more words

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Don't Touch It!

I think every book-lover, or movie-lover, or any-type-of-creative-property-lover has an ideal. That one something that is so close to the core of who you are that you turn into a feral dog at the thought of anyone toying with it in even the most minor of ways. 247 more words


Reader survey results

As promised, here are the results of our reader survey. Thanks to everyone who completed it! This is a long post, and it’s mostly for our own reference. 2,507 more words

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a blue only the sea and sky could solve

On days like today it seems like a good idea to have a dog.

I drove to the beach to try to escape myself. Waking, I couldn’t stand the thought of boxing myself in my converted garage space, knowing I would be committing myself to flapping my hands curled up in the fetal position on the couch, tearfully trying to comfort myself by looping “it’s okay” as if it could make me sane again. 927 more words

I'm coming for you like a driving rain

listening: coming for you, amelia curran

I am reading a post on the Daily Muse about how reading a book can make you seem smarter to other people, and how apparently 33% of high school graduates in the USA will  327 more words