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Dear Levi's India,

Buying a pair of jeans in Navi Mumbai is mostly impossible for me.

The problem is that i am ‘the average woman’ – busy trying to find that ‘perfect imbalance’ that helps me do the things i would like to, and still manage to do the things i need to, and not always succeeding. 167 more words


The purpose of aural tests in exams

…a letter to my young students (Beginner to Level 3)…

Dear Students,

The purpose of Aural tests is to assess whether you have developed all the musical skills necessary, for your level, to enable you to play, understand and interpret your piece well. 213 more words


Possibilities .. a poem about my dreams for the future

Sometimes i sits, i sits and thinks, of things i’ve never seen,

of places that i’ll never know, of what i may not be.

Of all the possibilities that seem so far away, 127 more words