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The symphony of life

I’ve stood alone, with a broken soul, fields of ashes scatter the land,
My past is scattered across, the wooded field, scattered in ashes,
The endless echoes of a life filled with dismay, all but a memory now, 143 more words


Project: Navigate - Obscured Agendas

We had to produce a short clip using 30 images that relate to the theme of our project. As our theme was politics, we included images of protests, presidents, leaders and managed to incorporate questions for the viewer. 8 more words


What Is Your Navigational Tool?

Dava Sobel’s award-winning book Longitude describes a dilemma faced by early sailors. They could readily determine their latitude north or south of the equator by the length of the day or height of the sun. 199 more words



I wish I had a map to navigate

the deep pools of a thousand stars

that form your eyes − or perhaps

it could guide me to your heart?

Love And Romance

Navigating Through this Empty Nester Thang!

This quote really resonated with me this past year, after becoming an empty nester. Once Kiana left for college, I felt like my story had ended. 246 more words


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Today Kiana flew back to San Francisco and I returned to an empty nest. :( I immediately began sorting through our closets and set aside several bags for charity. Condensing my life is very therapeutic for me. I'm all about "less is more" these days. :) I thought about this quote often today. In fact, I'm about to spend some time creating a new list of goals! <3

Project: Navigate - Rationale

Politics is the theory and practice of influencing people all around the world, whether it’s on a global or individual level. This is done by the activities that are carried about by communities consisting of people in ‘power’ known as the government. 99 more words


Heed The Warning

Every day we navigate through a sea of warnings. One after another, they are there for our own good, and we know this, yet often we ignore them. 6 more words