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Quote of the Week: July 28

Success is never easy, whether the military is involved or not. It is easy to sit back and dream up all your career plans; it is another thing to wake up every day and take actionable goals to achieve those plans. 61 more words

Military Spouse

Quote of the Week: July 21

Changing your routine is sometimes the hardest part of bettering yourself. You have all these plans about books you will read, networking events you will attend and programs to apply to. 43 more words

Military Spouse

You're Not the Only One with Fear and Insecurity About Your Career

Even really successful people have fears about their career. They’re afraid of failing, embarrassing themselves, losing their advantage, etc. How do they deal with all that fear and insecurity? 266 more words

Military Spouse

Quote of the Week: July 1

Sometimes you don’t see examples of many military spouses publicly succeeding in your field so you might think it is just inherently incompatible with a military lifestyle. 63 more words

Military Spouse

Quote of the Week:June 23

At the start of my military relationship, I wanted to pretend like the “military problem” didn’t exist and I could still plan out everything like normal. 88 more words

Military Spouse

Quote of the Week: June 16

Never forget that you are in control. It may not seem like it at times when a lot of decisions are out of your hands, but you and only you get to decide when to persevere and when to give up. 32 more words

Military Spouse

Count down to finish deployment box!

When my Mr requested several months ago that I put together a small box of things for him to take on deployment I was more than happy..my creative juices were thrilled in fact!  777 more words