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to get it out

I have not been blogging again.. But you all knew I was bad at it! I warned you long time ago. Just to verbally spew because if it stays inside any longer we are going to have problems. 482 more words


Quote of the Week: April 14

I think it is going to be pretty difficult to have one constant, unyielding career goal when so much about your career is going to be guided by the military lifestyle. 119 more words

Military Spouse

Moving for Love

Long distance relationships are something I know far too well. As I develop my career in one city, my boyfriend is off working on his in another. 420 more words

Military Spouse

Starting seeds in Wisconsin

We’re excited to see how things grow here in Wisconsin. Our two gardens in St. Marys, Georgia produced an amazing array of vegetables but fighting off the bugs from an organic garden proved almost fruitless. 334 more words

Military Spouse

Quote of the Week: March 24

This week’s quote is inspired by the tendency to turn down an opportunity because it is complicated or scary. It is important to not turn away a good career opportunity just because you don’t know how it would work with the military or because you are afraid of the responsibilities. 26 more words

Military Spouse

The Dependapotamus Eats a Cupcake

That’s right… I ate a cupcake.

It was my birthday yesterday!

I also ate a piece of cheesecake… well, half a piece of cheesecake.

I ate the other half the night before at the Cheesecake Factory. 451 more words

He's on his way home!

Very happy to report that my husband is on his way home :) WOHOO! Of course, anything could change … I have friends who refuse to get excited for their husband’s return until they actually see him in person. 777 more words

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