Kesha Rogers Mobilizes El Paso

Texas Democratic Senate pre-candidate Kesha Rogers’ organizing trip this past weekend to El Paso, a city of nearly 680,000, caught the attention of El Paso’s largest English and Spanish-language newspapers. 900 more words

Glass Steagall

LPAC Policy Committee - March 31, 2014

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Glass Steagall

LaRouchePAC in Action · March 31st, 2014

This week’s LaRouchePAC in Action features an interview with Kesha Rogers, candidate for the U.S. Senate in Texas. Kesha represents the quality of leadership that is sorely lacking among any political candidates or elected officials, and her discussion of the crucial issues of the day is important to hear.

Glass Steagall

"Texas Democratic Party" Declares Itself Insane: Issues New "Fact Check" Denouncing Candidate Kesha Rogers for Backing Jobs, Culture, Science

A new posting on the website of the nominal Texas Democratic Party—”Texas Democrats”—denounces Kesha Rogers, candidate for Senate Democrat in the May 27 run-off election, for such acts as backing jobs, culture, science, and being a “LaRouche Democrat” who wants to impeach Obama. 337 more words

Impeach Obama

CA Drought Intensifies as Impact Spreads; Congress Holds Field Hearing in Fresno; Runs from Reality

In California two days ago, more grandstanding by members of Congress, as usual, failed to address the fundamental, single roadblock for dealing with an intensified drought and the spreading impact ripping through the state. 547 more words


Fracking: Economics of Extinction

by Liona Fan Chiang

At a time when half the country is in drought, when 80% of the national crop is threatened and communities are faced with the prospect of turning on the faucet to see no water run, whatever temporary economic relief hydraulic fractured natural gas is bringing to communities, the net effect of this boom is criminal, and coheres with the colonial free trade policies that have brought us the drought and gutted our infrastructure. 1,528 more words