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Caught Between A Rock And A Hard Place: Surviving In A Toxic Environment

“But you and I both know who our true enemy is. It is important for you to know that this is just a job to me, not a calling. 604 more words

Naomi Wolf's End of America

Just watched most of this 2008 documentary, the End of America. Watching the documentary makes me want to order the book. Interesting movie in which we see Naomi Wolf in a lecture making a historical comparison between the USA under the Bush administration and dictatorships of the past, most notably the Nazi regime of Germany. 19 more words


Veronica K. Clark: Eustace Mullins on the Hitler-Norman connection

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Revised on March 20, 2012

The Hitler Connection… 8,754 more words

Ellen Stern recalls fleeing Nazi Germany

Originally appeared in The Ambler Gazette | December 17, 2014

Ambler >> It was November 1938, less than a year before the Nazis invaded Poland, and 11-year-old Ellen Nussbaum was startled awake at 5 a.m. 2,014 more words


Jason Colavito flips out over "Nazi apologism"

He wrote:

“On the other hand, the fringe usually prefers to try rehabilitating Hitler. The Red Ice Radio Network is probably at the forefront of Nazi apologetics, having given over so much of itself to Nazism, as I previously documented. 276 more words

How Germany Was Partitioned. Lessons for Ukraine

by Yuriy Rubtsov

Western nations have explained their support for Kyiv’s new post-coup regime by claiming they are trying to prevent Russia from destroying Ukraine as a single, unified state. 1,466 more words


Barbara Walters Lobs Softballs to David Koch; She Should Retire For Good

Didn’t Barbara Walters announce her retirement years ago? Then what in God’s name is she still doing on television? Her interview with David Koch which aired last night on that preposterous show she does (“The 10 Most Fascinating Billionaires”? 1,101 more words