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‘IAEA has No Authority Over Israel’s Nuclear Program’

Posted on November 24, 2014by Richard Edmondson

A complete double standard, of course, and the RT interviewer deserves a round of applause for being persistent about pointing it out. 99 more words

Nazi Israel

israel to fine those who carry the Palestinian flag

In order to prevent any protests an eight point plan has been prepared by Israel

World Bulletin/News Desk


An eight point article that details charges against those who organise protests and the fines imposed on their families, on the request of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. 420 more words


Israelis caught spraying Palestinian schools with sewage

Israeli Police Caught On Video Hosing ‘Skunk Spray’ on Palestinian Elementary Schools and Protesters

Source: counter current news

Israeli police in Jerusalem have been caught on video recently spraying East Jerusalem Palestinian neighborhoods with a concoction they call “skunk spray”. 171 more words


Israeli Police State Ruthlessness

by Stephen Lendman


Israel gives police state lawlessness, injustice and contempt for democratic values new meaning. Previous articles explained.

Rule of law principles don’t matter. 724 more words


Israel threatens to arrest the Palestinian activists who post anti-Israeli remarks

Israel to nab Palestinians over Facebook posts


Israel has threatened to arrest the Palestinian activists who post anti-Israeli remarks on Facebook, Press TV reports. 314 more words


Israel transforms Jerusalem’s suburbs into a “big prison”

Concrete blocks are placed by Occupation security forces at the entrances to the Palestinian village of al-Ram, northeast of Jerusalem on November 19, 2014. Issam Rimawi/Anadolu Agency… 1,005 more words


israel's new law, if passed, will make discrimination official

If America Had Laws Like Israel


A new proposed bill, supported by senators on both sides of the aisle, will finally define and determine the United States of America as the land of the Protestant People, the largest religious constituency in the U.S. 520 more words