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It's final, Marine Le Pen dumps Beppe Grillo

She tried to court him in view of the European elections, but he was unassailable as a haughty princess. We’re talking about Mrs Marine Le Pen, the leader of the French National Front, and Mr Beppe Grillo, the leader of the Italian Five Stars Movement. 155 more words



Blackened eagle
Wings through putrid sky
Storms brewing

Hunger and terror
Blind sisters they weave
Darker thread

Demon regal
Hooded piercing eye
Wolf pursuing

Spiritual error… 12 more words


Dietrich Bonhoeffer: A Memoir in Poetry by G. Leibholz

Dietrich Bonhoeffer remains such an intriguing figure. A pastor who stayed in Germany in WWII so that he might resist Hitler and Nazism, he is one of the more original and evocative 20th century theologians. 6,607 more words


Captain OweN$,you sucked,BIJ,you sucked real big.

I was never from there,just saying. Just tell them I wasn’t there.

that prison Junior College of a damned son.

I Know you didn’t Mean it,so Switch foot to the Meant To Live… 45 more words

More Nazi Attacks in Greater Kansas City Area — Three Dead at Jewish Community Centers

Only a few short months ago on November 9, 2013, a large gathering of Neo-Nazis associated with the “National Socialist Movement” held a rally in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. 210 more words