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Becoming Anti-Oppressive, Part 3: Racism, Bigotry, and Theology

Editor’s Note: This four-part blog series is being co-published at DT’s Blog Partner, “Raids Across the Color Line.”  Before you go on, it may be helpful to read the… 971 more words

George Washington Was 'the First Fascist,' and Other American Nazi Drivel

It’s unsettling to think that, well into the late 1930s, many German Americans—a few dozen here, a few hundred there, with occasional rallies featuring crowds in the thousands—were proudly parading through cities and towns across the country, proclaiming their support for Nazi Germany. 212 more words

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no truce | WAR CRIMES WARNING 18+


In fact, the fighting and shelling did not stop for a single day since the signing of the so-called “truce”. Changed the intensity of the fighting and their location, but the blood continued to pour, and on some days was at the expense of dozens killed… 274 more words

Civil War In Ukraine

Victor Klemperer's Diaries: Palestinians and the Red Indian fate.

Victor Klemperer’s diaries I Will Bear Witness (1933 to 1941), To The Bitter End (1942 to 1945) and The Lesser Evil (1945 to 1959), provide a unique insight of the day-to-day life under the tyranny of the Third Reich. 632 more words

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Ukraine – Truce or Trojan Horse: Retreat, Re-Armament and Relaunch

09.12.2014 :: Analysis

Introduction: The NATO proxy war in the Ukraine started with the violent US-EU-sponsored overthrow of the elected government via a mob putsch in February 2014. 1,914 more words


How Should We Stop the Rise of European Racism?

The last couple of days I have been busy, partly with a big evangelistic event and partly with following the Swedish elections. The result was dramatic… 889 more words

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