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Celtics Journal: Game 9 of 82, Mon 11/17, Suns @ Celtics (Scheduled Losses)

Game 9 of 82 (11%), Monday, November 17, 430pm PST

Suns @ Celtics

The Phoenix Suns won 48 games last year. They didn’t make the playoffs. 721 more words

Boston Celtics

Celtics Journal: Game 6 of 82, Sat 11/7, Bulls @ Celtics

Game 6 of 82, Saturday, November 7, 430 PST

Bulls @ Celtics

The issue of ESPN the Magazine with Derrick Rose on the cover has been plaguing me for a few weeks. 934 more words

Boston Celtics

Lionel Hollins: It’s not the length, number of games, it’s the travel that’s an issue

Brooklyn Nets coach Lionel Hollins is about as old school as they come. Which means you knew he wasn’t going to be on board with shortening games — even though his team is… 284 more words

LeBron James

Dirk Nowitzki joins Erik Spoelstra saying length of games not issue, number of games is

Let’s get my bias out in the open here — I think the NBA season is too long. Too many regular season games, which leads to too many back-to-backs (or four games in five nights) which in turn hurts the quality of play. 463 more words


Shortening NBA games? Nice idea. Shortening NBA season? Better idea.

You’ve got to give Adam Silver’s NBA credit — under him the league is not a slave to the status quo, it will experiment with things. 679 more words

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