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Assessing the Sixers Draft/Trade Rumors

Loads of trade rumors circulating around the NBA Draft and our beloved Sixers. It’s virtually impossible to sort through fact and smokescreen right now. But there is still 24 hours left until the draft, so I figured I would give it my best effort. 1,394 more words

Sacramento Kings: Off Season Preview

          The Sacramento Kings have been in the process of building a young, talented roster around Demarcus Cousins. Cousins is the centerpiece of the Kings franchise, and they have done a very good job of putting a young cast around him. 292 more words

Portland Trail Blazers: Off Season Preview

          Portland has a really young, really good team that will keep improving every year. They have a great core with Lillard, Batum and Aldridge. All these three will do is keep improving and become even more of a threat in the west. 166 more words

Phoenix Suns: Off Season Preview

          Phoenix was the surprise of the league this past year, barely missing the playoffs. They have a young roster full of talent that fits well together. 323 more words

Philadelphia 76ers: Off Season Preview

The 76ers knew going into last season that they would not be very good. The reward for not being any good; a high draft pick. With that high draft pick, the 76ers know exactly who they want; Andrew Wiggins. 371 more words

Orlando Magic: Off Season Preview

          You don’t hear much about the Magic, but they are a team who is quietly building a team to contend in the east. They are not there right now, nor will they be next year or the year after. 443 more words

Oklahoma City Thunder: Off Season Preview

          After having so much promise two years ago, Oklahoma City has not been able to get back to the NBA Finals. Both playoff runs have been stalled by injuries, sending San Antonio to the Finals. 333 more words