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Too Big To Succeed: What Happens When Your Blog/Podcast Grows Too Large to be Sustained?

Today brought a good amount of twists and turns, not the least of which was the news that one of my favorite game-agnostic blogs Contains Moderate Peril… 1,682 more words


Sailing into Science with NBI this Summer

This coming weekend (July 25-27th) will be a busy one for island scientists, and you can join us in our work! The Nantucket Biodiversity Initiative (NBI), which is… 305 more words

Gimme Five(err)!

What was the best five dollars you ever spent? I recently discovered the website fiverr.com, which provides a platform for people to sell their services for five dollars per “gig” (the term they use for a single $5 job). 520 more words


"The Adventures of DI-13"

Premiere Productions, Inc, is a Filipino film outfit which in its heydays produced movies, most of which were in the genre of action.

For this post, we take a look on a movie released in the 1950’s wherein the lead character is a sleuth: … 548 more words

NBI Online Application (Philippines)

In a small but lovely country called Philippines, National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Clearance is a requirement in order to get a job. This being essential in every application, you should expect a long line in every NBI satellite office, but do not be alarm, the office created a website where you can file your Authorization request and skip the old, “Fill-up” the form line. 637 more words

Easiest way to get NBI Clearance

When you just got hired and got tons of pre-employment requirements on you list, clearly one of the hardest things to get is an NBI Clearance.  497 more words

Beyond Bossfights Episode 7 - Barriers to Playing MMO's

This month, I’m joined by Layanor from the MMO Reporter Network to discuss the barriers to Playing MMO’s and some of the things the industry is doing to combat these obstacles. 326 more words