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The unconditional surrender of Gary Raikes

For the attention of Gary Raikes, pretend leader of the New British Union

Gary. You have a 48 hour deadline in place to surrender to the National British Resistance. 212 more words

Save the National Probation Service

The privatisation of the National Probation Service is an outrage and will deliver a loss in quality to the service once privatised. Instead of the quality service issued by Probation officers of current, it will be replaced with a greedy money making scheme to profit from rehabilitating offenders. 386 more words

British Holidays for British Workers

If the NBR was to form a government then we’d put the workers of this country first. After our proposed abolishment of the class system we’d begin to look at how those who work and give to society can be rewarded.  171 more words

Joshua Bonehill: Why I hold the flag

Seeing this country in the state it currently is in moved me to create the National British Resistance. Having been personally targeted by Left-Wing agitators, leaving my name and reputation in ruin I felt compelled to fight back and lead the resistance against the Left-Wing. 879 more words

Joshua Bonehill: A day of destiny

The Founder wishes to address the speculation that he may be imprisoned on April 25th when he is to be sentenced in front of magistrates at Yeovil court for Malicious communications. 411 more words

Call yourself a patriot?

Call yourself a Patriot?

The National British Resistance is a new movement designed to unite all nationalists and patriots under one unified banner. We are a free movement, a movement that is controlled by the people who stand with us under the principle of the Founder, Joshua Bonehill. 124 more words

Rich People, a Minority group

The Rich people in our country are a minority group, a group of people that claim to be better than us the working class, a group of people that assert themselves in positions of authority and control because of their money and wealth. 358 more words