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Texting And Driving = T.A.D. | Teespring

Texting And Driving: Just say no to texting and driving = T.A.D.I’m especially supportive of the pledge that Oprah has taken to and encouraged many others to follow suit while also putting it up on her website. 92 more words

Doing the work for everyone

In our business, considered one of the hardest selections we regularly face is how open we must be with our know-how. On the one hand, creating chopping-edge graphics know-how requires monumental investments. 15 more words

Heaven On Earth!

We take pride in our community here in Santa Rosa Beach. We have nearly 26 miles of the beautiful Emerald Coast among the quaint neighborhoods here which include Seaside and several others. 14 more words

The Health Bridge - The Paleo Diet

In this episode  of The Health Bridge, Sara and Pedram talk about the Paleo diet.

Is it sensible to try to eat like our distant ancestors did over ten-thousand years ago? 18 more words

Five Amazing Advantages Of Cabinet Refacing For the Home

Do you know the secret to improve your cabinets for kitchen and bathroom at a a lot de…