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True Love? (Part 2)

Author: xxxyeji

Genre:chapter, sad, romance, nc21

Cast: Lee Yeji

Cho Kyuhyun

Lee Donghae

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suara gaduh yang ditimbulkan oleh alarm yang tersetting pada benda berbentuk kotak itu tak ujung membuat gadis yang sedang bergelut dibawah selimut itu bangun. 1,965 more words


The Morning After

Samantha slept soundly through the night, spreading out a little more in her sleep so the arm that had draped over Cassie was hanging off the edge of the bed and the other was jammed up underneath the pillow when the sunlight began to peek through the curtains. 1,819 more words

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Pillow Talk

Cassandra took the kiss with a smile and a giggle, rolling onto her side alongside Samantha and pressing her warm, naked body against Samantha’s, even sliding a leg up to her thigh between the two of the black-haired girl’s. 2,190 more words

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Samantha's turn (NC-17)

Cassandra turned her head over towards Samantha and smiled weakly at her, still panting and moaning lightly, her body occasionally trembling with the aftershocks of her orgasm. 3,455 more words

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Cassandra's turn (NC-17)

Cassie sighed at Samantha’s touch, stroking her cheeks and kissing any exposed part of her face that she could reach. “… is it horribly embarrassing to admit,” she asked in a small voice, “that … I may not have the vocabulary to specify a  3,320 more words

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Getting Intimate

Sam slid her arms around Cassie’s waist and slid her hands an inch up her back. “Did you want to get your hands on my jammies this evening?” 4,413 more words

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Chapter 7

Author ||  Alana

Cast ||  Wu Yifan and Huang Zitao

Support Cast ||  Zang Yizing, Kim Jong Dae

Genre ||  Bromance  1,681 more words