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[Shortfic][VKook] Dark World – Chap 5

Chap 5

Note : Xin chào các bạn = )))) mình có nói là sẽ cho DarkWorld kết thúc ở Chap5 nhưng thôi nghĩ lại tớ thấy kết thúc nó hơi kì cục! 3,066 more words


UK Pornography Restrictions

We in the United States often see European countries as being more open and liberal than our own. This is often true. We see the liberal policies that seem to get passed on the regular, and we long for a government that could be so accepting. 349 more words

REVENGE (One Shoot)

Tittle : Revenge

Author : VizkyLee

Cast : Cho Kyu Hyun / Kyuhyun Super Junior

Baek Naera as you or girl

Park Jimin / Jimin BTS… 3,473 more words


Moving Forward

Title: Moving Forward
Author/Artist: Anon for now
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 19, 400
Warnings: dubcon, mpreg, flangst, some D/s, slightly promiscuous!Harry, angry sex, medical issues, infidelity (not H/D), difficult pregnancy… 411 more words


(The Piece) I Was Missing All Along

Title: (The Piece) I Was Missing All Along
Author/Artist: Anon for now
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~31,000
Warnings: Infidelity against an OMC that nobody cares about… 340 more words


Poison of Love Part 5

Tittle: Poison of Love part 5


  • Cho Kyuhyun
  • Song Eunso
  • Lee Minri
  • Other cast

Categori: Chapter, Romance, Sad, happy ending, NC-17

Author: MyLittlechick

THIS STORY IS MINE.. 7,434 more words

Song Eunso

[Edited|Shortfic][HUNHAN][NC17] Suddenly Baby

Cục cưng trời giáng

Author: Hua Ye Daren

Originated from Tukimi
Paring: YunJae

Lulu, Papa 너를 사랑해 ♥

ℑ Šuddenly baby ¬

Editor: 明明变态

Paring: … 39 more words