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NCAA proposes unlimited meal plans for Division I athletes

NCAA officials announced Tuesday that its official Legislative Council had approved a new model which would grant student athletes “unlimited meals and snacks.”

The new meal plan had… 228 more words


NCAA legislative council approves new rule allowing unlimited meals for athletes

The NCAA legislative council has approved a new rule which would allow athletes to receive an unlimited number of meals and snacks from their schools, as opposed to the three-a-day limit that previously existed. 137 more words


NCAA approves unlimited meals for student-athletes, other rules changes

Progress is progress is progress. The NCAA Legislative Council approved a few new “well-being rules” on Tuesday that can be made final when the Division I Board of Directors meets on April 24. 249 more words


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This winter I got injured. I’ve tried different treatments but haven’t had success. I tried cortisone shots but that made my pain worse. From what I’ve been told it seems like my next step is surgery. 1,001 more words




If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

We’ve all heard that phrase, right? If there is nothing wrong with something, don’t go trying to change it. 777 more words