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Shkaakaamikwe (Mother Earth)

Ngizhemanidoom, sema ngiimiinagoo wiinamaayaanh nangwaa. Gagwejimin wiizhiwendamaan zhiwenmishinaang nangwaa. Miigwech ndinaanaanik gewe wesiinhak, okaanak, bineshiinhak, miinawa giigonhik, kinagwa gwayaa gaabigitnaamwat wiinwa bimaadiziwaan maanpii akiing niinwe wiimaadiziiyaang. 107 more words



I do not consider myself as having been born in the USA – I have no patriotic songs to sing other than those of my own people. 351 more words

Asian American Mascotry Series I - Atlanta Japs

There are those in the Asian American community who don’t exactly empathize with the “Not Your Mascot” movement. I admit that I did not have a particularly deep understanding of it until the past year. 164 more words


I Know I Need To, But I Just Can't

I have started and stopped therapy seventeen times, and perhaps (hopefully not) still counting. Seventeen different counselors/therapists/psychologies/psychiatrists/social workers have met me, done an intake and sat across from me eagerly waiting for me to share and for them to save me. 440 more words


Cultural Appropriation Photo Scavenger Hunt

The Kahnawa:ke Youth Forum is hosting a scavenger hunt.

Although I can’t officially participate in the actual scavenger hunt contest, I do see a pinterest board in my future…


Nation Building

Yahoo in Talks to Acquire Online Video Service NDN

Looking to strengthen its position in online video, Yahoo is in talks to acquire video syndication service News Distribution Network for $300 million, according to a report published Monday by The Wall Street Journal. 14 more words


Washington Redskins Original Americans Foundation

The Washington Redskins change the name debate continues.

Letter To Everyone in our Washington Redskins Nation” from Dan Snyder, ¬†Owner and Chairman of the Board, Washington Redskins. 562 more words

Nation Building