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3DS, From Now to Future

From the time when 3DS has been released until now, we have seen 3DS with its large game library. You can find much games you might like, from Nintendo’s franchise to the third party games, such as the most anticipated Monster Hunter. 289 more words


Play Nintendo Games on Your iOS Device Without Jailbreak

To play Nintendo titles on my iPad was always one thing i wished for. But to do that, my device would need to be jailbroken, or Nintendo could upload some of their titles to App Store. 191 more words


Overcoming My Backlog of Unfinished Games with a Kick in the Pants

I love Backloggery, a website devoted to helping gamers finish their games. I help people keep score on their progress for a living; my bliss is having good data about outcomes and best practices. 146 more words


3DS first thoughts

The pretty princess pink edition is actually a two tone affair. It’s more white than pink when it’s open, which is actually quite appealing. I also like the shade of pink used in the 3DS more than the pink from my Coral Pink DS lite. 406 more words


Feeling Profiled

So, as mentioned, I bought a Nintendo 3DS for the purpose of playing, for a start, the exclusive Kingdom Hearts game. I couldn’t buy the game at the same time, so I resorted to ordering it and a screen protector from Amazon. 61 more words


Vučićev recept za dugogodišnju vladavinu

Za 25 godina koliko se bavi politikom, izgleda da je Vučić našao recept za dugogodišnju vladavinu narodom i sistematsko uništavanje opozicije.

Samo mu je bilo potrebno da zagrebe vlast, sada kada ju je šćepao ićiće to mnogo lakše. 478 more words


New Danish Screen - 10 years of talent development

Hurraaaaayyyy…….the talent department of The Danish Film Institute, New Danish Screen, entered the tweens in January 2013 with the celebration of the 10 year anniversary… 161 more words