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Free Download Of My Book!!!

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This weekend you can download my book I Died And Learned How To Live on Kindle for FREE!!  If you are interested in my near death experience and/or have a desire to learn ways of living life that can bring vitality and joy, then this book is for you.   187 more words

What heaven's really like - by a leading brain surgeon who says he's been there

Read his testimony before you scoff…it might just shake your beliefs

When I was a small boy, I was adopted. I grew up remembering nothing of my birth family and unaware that I had a biological sister, named Betsy. 559 more words


The Sphere of Universal Communion: Journey of Two Souls

By William Douglas Horden

(Pictures added by AngelicView)

I was fully awake when my heart stopped beating and my last breath passed my lips.

In the Spring of 2003, a genetic time bomb went off and my body’s time came to an end.  1,596 more words


My Near-Death Experience with a Giant Python

For five years I was a professional snake wrangler. My dear friends and I had opened up a reptile shop with the lofty intentions of teaching humans to understand, love, and respect these strange and exotic animals, and as a result, learn to better appreciate the natural world as a whole (not just the cute fuzzy bits). 4,778 more words

Animal Stories

Clinical death...

I tapped into a few articles from Science Daily and wondered what kind of stories I could twist them into.
In one article (dated about a year ago, but still pertinent), researchers found high levels of brain activity during the early stages of clinical death. 180 more words


LOVE Like You'll Never be Hurt, and LIVE Like It's Heaven on Earth

AngelicView: Here is an NDE I think you’ll like. This woman says the same thing that I think – that the reason she has had her NDE and has come back to Earth is because she has touched Divine Love, and she can now be a bridge to bring it back here. 1,978 more words


Recovery and Relapse continued...'meeting the Antichrist'

At the psychosis group reunion yesterday we talked about values. It started slowly with someone talking about their Christian beliefs and someone else about how they value animals but still eat meat. 341 more words