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What I Learned from my Own Near-Death Experience

I should’ve died at 2AM on the 30th of August 2011.

It was in Kenya on the day after an AIESEC international youth congress. Out of the total 400 attendants of the event, 65 of us were on our way to Mombasa for post conference holidays. 1,407 more words


Courage Arrived All Bottled Up That Night

Everything on this blog is true — a lie I have kept for nearly a year and a half.

There is a fallacy to this story. 1,019 more words


NDEs, OBEs & auras: examining non-ordinary consciousness

Near-death experiences, out-of-body experiences, and glimpses of the human aura – how should we gauge subjective “paranormal” experiences?


Why I am a Christian

Well it’s Sunday and on Sundays I go to church.  And after the sermon I got to thinking – why do I believe what I do, why do I act the way I do and, most of all, why do I persevere with my faith when life has often been so difficult for me.  431 more words

Mental Health

Near Death Experience and the Real Deal

My Good Friend Has Just “Snuffed It”

Just as I was about to write a blog piece this evening, I got a call that a dear friend had died.  501 more words


My first time

I’ve seen this tag everywhere and I thought it would be a good idea to try it myself as well. I guess this post will be longer than usual since I want to give a small description after everything. 1,088 more words

Dead Man Walking - A Surgical Nightmare

We knew there was a risk.

Really, we did.

But, we had to go through with the surgery. There was no other choice. You stick your hands out like an old fashioned weighing scale; keep enduring this excruciating, unstoppable pain that makes you only see blinding light in your eyes while you grovel to your knees, or have an 80-90% success rate of ridding yourself of the degenerative discs in your neck so you can feel a sense of relief, no more headaches, and oh, no more constant, unforgiving pain. 3,016 more words