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I know exactly what I want for Christmas.

It occurred to me after I faced down two Mack trucks, one in each lane, side by side, racing towards me. 895 more words


Heaven on Earth

I saw a little piece of heaven last week and that glimpse will burn like an ember in my heart for the rest of my life. 293 more words


My Guardian Angel Must Have Been In The Passenger Seat

I had a very frightening experience last night, Modern Philosophers, and I was too freaked out to talk about until now.

It snowed overnight, so when I woke up yesterday, a couple of inches of the white stuff blanketed the neighborhood. 920 more words


The Many Messages of My NDE

I’ve wanted to take the time to sit down and write about the parallels between my NDE and the different world religions.  My NDE contained within it concepts of Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Muslim as well as the Law Of Attraction. 20 more words

NDE'r Nanci Davison explains the Life Review is NOT God's judgement of your mistakes

Video about 3 minutes.

Nanci Danison is an attorney in Ohio who had an NDE years ago, and is known to have one of the most expansive memories of all lessons learned while on the other side, which she uses to make a difference in all our lives.   13 more words

Near-death Experience

Reincarnation- Fact or Fallacy?

Recently, while going through the myriads of books from the huge collection found in the library, I stumbled upon a relatively thin book by Geoffrey Hudson titled “Reincarnation- Fact or Fallacy?”. 794 more words


survivor's guilt


Dear Sir and/or Madam:

Regarding: my recent Arts Funding Application, APP NO: 678910.

In the interest of fairness/your Information and Knowledge, I thought it best – not that I’m asking for pity, mind – that you all at the Australia Council for the Arts should know that I’m actually a recent survivor of a car crash (specifically, I was mowed down on a Berlin road – calling it a “car crash” in my mind indicates two cars and that hence I had a large metal frame weighing several tonnes surrounding me for protection, when in fact I didn’t) during which I was knocked violently unconscious and thereby found myself knocking on Heaven’s door (metaphorically, because I’m actually an atheist). 2,709 more words