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Crushing the life from me;
Your last farewell.
Indelible fingers laced around my neck,
musical fingers you would play the guitar with and make me, 111 more words


Why Does The Mind Speed Up Near To Death?

This was an extraordinary question to be asked from a man who is in the final few days of his life. This is a question that has caused me to pause and reflect upon everything I know. 828 more words


Thought Snack: Evidence for Reincarnation or Possession?

“[E]vidence for reincarnation… is derived from the memories of those who claim to have lived another life at some earlier time. These memories, which often fade with age, can be either produced spontaneously… or derived regressively from hypnosis or by dreams. 247 more words


Chapter 19

As soon as the magic beam had been fired, Rishana shielded herself, preparing to get hit with the Fantasy force. But at some point, she had been carried out of the way, and so the magic beam hit the ground. 3,311 more words

Lilly Shell

Dat3 Rap3

A re-post from an earlier blog entry…..

It was a usual weekend for me.  Get off from work, do some hot yoga with my neighbor, stay up late at the beach party…then party the next night.   542 more words


Promise Productions, "No Visible Scars" True Story.

As I’ve mentioned before, No Visible Scars is a play about mental health, depression, suicide and hope. 1 in 4 people will experience mental health issues in their lifetime, and yet it is still highly stigmatized and rarely talked about. 738 more words

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