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Escaping the city

Today I went on the most wonderful adventure. After a night of booze and marijuana and social anxiety my friend, Zak, arrived at my door at 1pm sharp encouraging me to rise for a leisurely hike up a small mountain which overlooks Belfast. 1,109 more words

That time we…had our first overnight Kayak Trip

As most things with us, this trip had been planned a few weeks before we embarked on an overnight adventure.  We were going from the top of Loch Shiel, near… 1,322 more words


Hyperlapse from Erice, Trapani

Experimenting with the new Hyperlapse app from Instagram. Launched very soon after microsoft demoed they were working on a technology to stitch moving time-lapse photos into a hyper lapse, reducing movement and shake and creating a seamless smooth movement effect. 137 more words

6 Celebs That are Lucky to be Alive

Often we forget that celebrities are human to. Just like us these celebrities have been close to certain death. It was truly more than luck that saved a couple of them… 385 more words


Near Death 3

In bed. With my first-generation Nexus (android OS) and a Kindle App. Reading about media mogul Conrad Black, who fought our government all the way to the Supreme Court where he was exonerated.   340 more words

Muriel Akamatsu

BIG CHANGES... How Could I Say 'No'?

Dear You,

Yes, you, in your AMAZING prayers and messages and thoughts for me while I go through this treatment for my Fibromyalgia, while I zone in on what Jesus is doing in my life for this ministry, while I pray over what I am supposed to be doing inside the beautiful territory He has given my soul: 428 more words



Crushing the life from me;
Your last farewell.
Indelible fingers laced around my neck,
musical fingers you would play the guitar with and make me, 112 more words