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A re-post from an earlier blog entry…..

It was a usual weekend for me.  Get off from work, do some hot yoga with my neighbor, stay up late at the beach party…then party the next night.   542 more words


Promise Productions, "No Visible Scars" True Story.

As I’ve mentioned before, No Visible Scars is a play about mental health, depression, suicide and hope. 1 in 4 people will experience mental health issues in their lifetime, and yet it is still highly stigmatized and rarely talked about. 738 more words

Fringe NYC

Expendables star had near-death experience on set of movie's third installment

Talk about a scary situation! Expendables star, Jason Statham, had a near-death experience on the set of the movies third installment. The actor almost drowned after the truck he was driving lost its breaks and plunged 60 feet in the Black Sea. 24 more words

Gino At The Movies

Surviving The Emergency Room & Hospital Stay

After my life-altering experience last week, how can I not share with you loved ones,  my survival tips for navigating the ER and a hospital stay.   662 more words


The Bloodthirsty Highway

“God please, please God help.” Desperate, you look around for what to do and your gaze meets a face you can’t recognise. It’s your reflection contorted in agony, like you have the weight of the world and not just the weight of two strangers on your shoulders. 968 more words

If God Doesn't Show Up, Is He Still There?

A few days ago I wrote about the miraculous story of my sisters heart attack experience. The story details all the amazing ways in which God showed up, revealed his awesome power and mighty strength and how he swept in and saved the day. 639 more words


And Baby Makes 3 - The Family Begins

Ray and Anne ‘tied the knot’ on June 23, 1962. The reception was held at Josephine and George’s house where everyone had a grand old time! 810 more words