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Blogging From A to Z: Near Life Experiences (NLE)

Have you ever had a Near Life Experience (NLE)? I bet you have and if you haven’t, you probably know someone who has. I know I’ve had it. 436 more words

Overcoming The Biggest Fears

Did you know among Americans the fear of death is only #2 on the list? Yep, 68% of people list this as their top fear. What could be more fearful than death?! 476 more words

This is what dying will feel like

I afforded myself another night out recently. Why is that significant? Because I depend on social welfare, which boils down to no more than about 160,- $ per month at my disposal. 762 more words


Life On The Tripwire: Fiction (#0184) 04/11/14

     It was in July of 1951 and I was a soldier in Korea.  On this particular day the sun was blaring.  It was like a thousand degree in the shade and damn close to that in the forest outside our tents.  419 more words


I Believe in Heaven

Title: I Believe in Heaven – Real Stories from the Bible, History and Today
Authors: Cecil Murphey and Twila Berk
Publisher: Regal
ISBN: 978-0-8307-6636-0

“Each story tells of the dying person seeing angels, Jesus or some special person in their lives, who came to escort them to heaven. 408 more words

Book Review

I'm In the Flow!

Getting really excited about my book….it’s been a long process, and I feel it is going to help people so much!!   

Lessons In Love:  Twelve Principles For Daily Living is the title, and I will be releasing it as an ebook soon.   23 more words