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Kids need more time outdoors for better vision!

Are your kids spending too much time on the computer, smart phone, or iPad?

In today’s digital world, we are seeing increasing numbers of kids spending too much time on electronic devices. 355 more words

The Eyewear Gallery Memphis Tennessee

New world

The world is no longer broken. It’s not double-sided or two-faced and it sure is less confusing for me now. Know why? I replaced my broken glasses with new ones. 128 more words

Why 20/20 isn’t perfect-What is visual acuity?

Measuring normal vision

When patients come to see me, I need to have a way to compare how they see in relation to someone with normal vision.  345 more words


By Timothy Gager

as strong winds lift
the unfastened

off the ground,
you barely notice

what races beneath me—
when you rode me

wept at completion, 128 more words