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Orthokeratology, Topical Medications, Playing Outside, and Myopia Progression

According to a 2003 American Journal of Ophthalmology study of 298 nearsighted Singaporean children randomized to (1) rigid gas permeable contact lenses or (2) spectacle correction, rigid gas permeable contact lenses did not slow the rate of myopia (nearsightedness) progression even among children who used them regularly and consistently.  136 more words

The Gift of Sight

Have you ever stopped to look at a tree and notice each individual leaf? And how intricate and detailed a tree is from its bark to the branches and every little twig in between? 1,183 more words

Is what you see, what you get?

The eye is what is simply thought of as vision. But, did you know the human eye is fairly complicated with all its parts and processes?   589 more words


I mean, why settle for four eyes

when you can have eight?

So, yeah,

this morning we found out that our baby boy, 10 days shy of his first birthday, will need glasses, 595 more words


Post-Lasik: Day 30 (One Month After Follow-Up Visit w/ Doctor Q and A)

Today was my one month post Lasik procedure follow up appointment with my eye doctor. My eyes are doing well. They have reverted a bit back to nearsightedness, but it is a very small reversal. 635 more words